School plans

Three Forks Schools

In January, the Three Forks School Board voted to float a $25 million bond issue to modernize and expand the aged school facility that serves all Three Forks students from kindergarten through high school. Despite the pandemic and resulting hardship for many families, voters approved the bond.

That wasn’t the only good news that came down in 2020 for Three Forks schools. In April, the Internal Revenue Service agreed to forgive the district of $185,000 worth of fines, penalties and interest assessed for previously unpaid taxes – a decision that Superintendent Jeff Elliott said put the district “back on track.”

The settlement came after district employees past and present started receiving notices from the federal agency that they owed more in taxes. The problem dated back to September 2018, when a former district clerk uploaded an incorrect version of the district’s 2017 wages to the Social Security Administration nearly eight months late. Instead of reporting 2017 wages, the document contained wage information from January through September 2018.

All the IRS problems were cleared up by spring.

After being closed last spring for the pandemic, Three Forks schools held a graduation ceremony for seniors on May 24 and opened to students full time in the fall.