Belgrade woman robs trailer, flees cops, get tased and jailed

A Belgrade woman arrested on felony burglary charges Wednesday after packing her car full of items stolen from a Bozeman trailer court and leading law enforcement on a car chase.

According to court documents, Beronica Segoviano Salas, 32, filled her white Chrysler car with items from a home located in the Wagon Wheel Trailer Court in Bozeman. A witness who saw Salas contacted the Bozeman Police Department.

Police officers found the vehicle but Salas would not pull over. Salas headed toward the interstate and the Gallatin County Sheriff’s Office as well as Montana Highway Patrol joined the chase.

Highway Patrol Troopers were finally able to stop Salas outside Belgrade city limits. Salas was arrested and taken to the Bozeman Deaconess Hospital to be treated for injuries she sustained during her arrest. Salas was tased because she did not obey instructions from Highway Patrol troopers.  

As troopers were impounding Salas’ vehicle, they found a dog. When law enforcement opened the door to let the dog out, they saw a flat-screen television, an Xbox 360 gaming system box, a laptop computer and other electronics. The items in the Chrysler matches the description of the items taken from the Bozeman home.   

At the hospital, Bozeman Police Detective Dana McNeil interviewed Salas who admitted she was drunk several times and said she needed to “go to jail.” She refused to complete a field sobriety test or submit a breath test.  

Salas told a different sergeant that she had been in a trailer court near Albertson’s. The Wagon Wheel Trailer Court is adjacent to Albertson’s.

After a short stint in the hospital, Salas was taken to the Gallatin County Detention Center. Her bond was set at $50,000.

Big Sky man drives “in a jerky

motion,” gets arrested for second DUI

A Big Sky man was arrested early Sunday morning for a slew of charges stemming from his second Driving Under the Influence of Alcohol citation.

Aaron Arnell, 41, was driving on Lone Mountain trailed with Sheriff’s Deputy Daniel Haydon noticed him driving with his high beams on and then turn his blue Subaru Legacy onto another road “in a jerky motion,” court documents state.  

When Haydon pulled Arnell over, he smelled the strong odor of alcohol coming from the vehicle. The deputy also noticed a vodka bottle in the passenger side of the vehicle that contained a “drinkable quantity of vodka.” Arnell had red, bloodshot eyes and performed “unsatisfactorily” on the Standard Field Sobriety Tests, the affidavit states.

Arnell refused to provide a breathalyzer test. Haydon arrested Arnell and took him to the Gallatin County Sheriff’s Office in Big Sky. At the office, Arnell provided a breath sample that showed his blood alcohol content was a .114, almost two times the legal limit to operate a vehicle in Montana. Arnell was charged with his second DUI, an Open Container citation and Failure to Carry Proof of Insurance ticket.

Arnell was transported to the Gallatin County Detention Center and booked on $1145 bond.

Belgrade man arrested for


A Belgrade man was arrested for burglarizing several Bozeman homes from December 8 through the 14.  

Spencer Ryan Sutter, 22, is being held at the Gallatin County Detention Center for stealing cash, an ipod, a camera and prescription pills from three Gallatin County homes.

According to court documents, on December 8, the first burglary victim came home and found Sutter in his Bozeman residence. The victim demanded that Sutter return the items he was attempting to steal.

Sutter returned the victim’s ipod. The victim later told officers he also found $100 missing from his house, as well. The victim gave sheriff’s deputies the license plate number matching Sutter’s vehicle. The victim was also able to pick Sutter out of a double-blind photo lineup.

On December 9, the Sheriff’s Office received a report that a $780 camera had been stolen from another Bozeman home. A witness to the crime provided deputies with the same license plate number that matched Sutter’s vehicle. The witness also gave law enforcement a description that matches Sutter’s.

Deputies found footprints from where Sutter’s vehicle was allegedly parked going straight to the burglarized home.

On December 14, were dispatched to yet another suspected burglary, this time in Belgrade. According to court documents, a witness said they saw a person matching Sutter’s features enter a house through a partially open garage door. After leaving the house, the witness said the trespasser immediately hopped in a sedan and left the area.

A sheriff’s deputy conducted a traffic stop with a vehicle matching the sedan’s description a short time later. Deputies discovered the sedan belonged to the suspect in all three burglaries.

When deputies searched Sutter’s home, they found shoes with treads that matched the tracks found at the burglarized homes. The search also revealed a prescription pill bottle that belonged to a Bozeman burglary victim.

Sutter was taken to the Law and Justice Center and questioned. Sutter admitted to the first burglary, telling Detective Dane Vranish he was trying to steal marijuana. Sutter denied stealing the camera from the second house and blamed the robbery on a friend.

Vranish tracked down the friend who claimed he had not seen Sutter in more than a month. The alleged friend had a credible alibi during the second robbery.

Sutter is being held at the Gallatin County Detention Center on $7,000 bond.