Rocky Mountain Credit Union, Intrepid Credit Union, Sky Federal Credit Union and Valley Credit Union took their presence to a collegiate level when they welcomed new and returning students at Montana State University’s annual Catapolooza Festival on August 22-23. Ensuring that the students know that the credit unions are there as a resource and source of support is the credit unions’ objective. 

“Getting in front of the students is important,” said Tracie Kenyon, president and CEO of Montana’s Credit Unions. 

The credit unions’ education initiatives aren’t just for college students and don’t stop once the back-to-school buzz quiets. Sky FCU has a “Start Knowing Young Account” for students ages 14-17. The savings side of this account has a good grade bonus dividend encouraging high performance in school. The credit union rewards students $5 for every “A” on their report card, up to $50 per year.