Full moon

There was a full moon over the weekend, and county law enforcement responded to more than its usual share of domestics and DUIs.

James Connor White, 23, was arrested at the Super 8 Hotel in Belgrade for second offense driving under the influence of alcohol and drugs and driving with a suspended license.

According to court records, a Gallatin County sheriff’s deputy stopped a truck with only one working headlight on March 27 at 10:30 p.m. The deputy saw the truck’s driver switch seats with a female passenger. The driver-turned-passenger appeared to be intoxicated and had an open alcoholic beverage container between his legs and another unopened alcoholic drink in his jacket pocket. He refused to perform both a field sobriety test and a blood test and was arrested for second offense DUI and driving with a suspended license.

White also was arrested and held on six confirmed warrants from Belgrade, Bozeman, and Gallatin County, with a total bond of $6,925. Those warrants were for a mixture of contempt of court citations and driving while suspended.


Belgrade resident Brennon Daylon Sleuth, 21, is accused of starting the evening of March 26 by beating up a former girlfriend and ending it by being arrested for trying to grab the arresting officer's gun.

According to court records, Sleuth was seen at the Scoop Bar on Bozeman’s Main Street standing over a bleeding, crying woman, who later refused to cooperate with the Bozeman cop who answered the call. Sleuth tried to tell the officer that the woman had actually shoved and injured him. The police report noted that Sleuth's injuries were consistent with him having punched someone.

A witness to the incident told the officer she came upon the initial argument and that the first woman was bleeding from her mouth. The witness said she stepped between the two and attempted to walk the injured woman back into the bar. Sleuth responded by shoving her hard enough that she fell, then the first woman fell after being shoved by Sleuth who had started to slug her and then switched to kicking her in the ribs.

By that point, three Bozeman cops were on the scene. The report states Sleuth grabbed the holstered gun of one of the officers, who in turn kneed Sleuth to get him to release his gun.

Sleuth was arrested and held for assault on a peace officer. On Monday, Judge Bryan Adams set his bail at $3,000. A preliminary hearing for the case was set for April 16 at 8 a.m.

Sleuth was also charged with 10 counts of contacting the woman he was charged with attacking, despite a no contact order prohibiting him from doing so. Sleuth is believed to have used a phone number that law enforcement didn't know about to attempt to call the victim on a phone from the jail.


Jarred Wesley Roberts, 20, of Belgrade, was arrested March 28 for domestic assault and trying to strangle his girlfriend.

According to the sheriff's report, an argument over laundry and mutually owned marijuana escalated to Roberts attempting to strangle the victim and punch her in the head. When the deputies arrived, Roberts said that he was the actual victim and had been strangled and punched in the face. He was charged with felony strangulation and misdemeanor domestic assault and held without bond. Roberts was given a 72-hour restraining order.


A 30-year-old Belgrade woman was arrested March 29 for domestic assault for punching and slapping another person, and for drunkenly standing in the middle of Lilac Avenue while swearing and screaming. She was charged with a domestic assault and disturbing the peace.


A South Carolina driver was arrested for criminal endangerment March 27 for going 110 mph on the westbound freeway outside of Manhattan. Jacob Tyler Ross, 23, was discovered to be driving on a suspended South Carolina driver's license. That portion of the freeway in the Manhattan area has a posted speed limit of 80 mph. He was held without bail.


It started out as a report of a crazy, possibly drunk driver and it ended up as an arrest for stealing an Audi.

On March 28 at 4:30 p.m., someone called dispatch to report a possibly drunk driver at Jackrabbit Lane and Amsterdam Road. The driver was reported to be passing other vehicles on the right, driving a car with no license plates, and "acting drunk."

Alexander James Strang, 26, of Ennis, was subsequently located behind Rosa's Pizza with an Audi that had been reported stolen. The reporting officer noted that he knew Strang from "previous professional contacts." Strang made a run for it, running numerous red lights while speeding in excess of 115 mph, according to court records.

Strange continued driving south on Jackrabbit in the northbound lane until he reached Huffine. After driving between cars stopped at a light on Huffine, he eventually stopped on Gooch Hill Road, the report states.

Strang was charged with felony criminal endangerment with additional misdemeanor charges of driving with a suspended license, reckless driving, driving an unregistered vehicle, speeding and eluding the cops.


Erik Flynn Restvedt, 50, of Belgrade, was arrested for ignoring a restraining order by repeatedly calling and texting a woman the court had told him to leave alone, according to court reports. He was held at the Gallatin County Detention Center without bond.


Andrew Bennett Ostrander, 30, of Whitehall, was arrested for a medley of charges on March 27 after he was witnessed falling over and stumbling on the way to his car at the Town Pump.

According to court records, the reporting party followed Ostrander from Belgrade to the Manhattan interchange, observing him all the while weaving, speeding and not staying his lane. When finally stopped by authorities, Ostrander failed field sobriety tests and refused to provide a breath sample. He was arrested for second offense driving under the influence; seventh offense for driving with no insurance; driving with a revoked license; and being a habitual traffic offender.