The Gallatin Conservation District will start a program, the Gallatin Pollinator Initiative, in Gallatin County, to help our natural world, officials said in a release.

This program focuses on increasing beneficial pollinator habitat in the county. Two pollinator seed mixes are available for county landowners for free to grow their own pollinator garden. Pollinator gardens provide habitat and food sources for native pollinators, including bees, butterflies, moths, and others.

Pollinator seed mix will be available for pollinator garden plots sizes of 100 sq. feet to 2,500 sq. feet. Landowners will have a choice between a native pollinator mix and a non-native pollinator mix. The purpose of the non-native mix is to help pollinator plots compete in areas where noxious weeds are prevalent, while still providing beneficial pollinator habitat.

To participate in the program and receive free pollinator seed, landowners will need to sign an agreement committing to proper site prep, long-term maintenance, and allowing district staff to occasionally survey the site and take photos to help improve the seed mixes in the future. Staff will provide technical assistance where needed for installation of the pollinator gardens.

For more information about the Pollinator Initiative and to receive your free seed mix, visit the district’s website at or contact Sarah Bowman at 406-282-4350 or