Belgrade Growth Policy County fight

Belgrade planner Jason Karp met with a bevy of Gallatin County officials last week to discuss conerns about the city’s recently drafted growth policy. Most of the issues revolved around semantics, but two big sticking points are the areas in the southern portion of the 4.5-mile doughnut circling the city – the are arked RLD and shaded light green and the undesignated areas on the periphy of the future land use map.

The Gallatin County Commission is looking for one more bite of the apple before it approves the Belgrade Growth Policy and Recreation Plan.

Commissioners asked Belgrade Planner Jason Karp to bring the proposal, and all its changes, back for review in a more  “tidy” form during their Tuesday regular meeting. Karp submitted his report in electronic form that showed bullet-point changes in a multi-page document and scanned copies of the policy were the changes will appear in highlights. 

“Let’s wait to see a clean copy and see (the county’s) recommendations,” Commissioner Joe Skinner said. “That way we can adopt a clean copy that we can pass to the (Belgrade) City Council.”

After the meeting, Skinner said he doesn’t have any issues with the policy and is appreciative of including the county’s recommendations in the revision.

Skinner initially asked to see and approve the document next week, but Karp will be out of town. The meeting will probably happen in early January.

For the most part, county officials agree with the document, but an area in the southern portion of the plan from Valley Center Road to Hulbert Road created some concerns due to density and undesignated areas.  

County Commissioner Don Seifert said he wants to prevent potential developments like River Rock subdivision from happening without the infrastructure to support an endeavor. He also said undesignated areas could lead to sticking points in the future when writing zoning regulations for the 4.5-mile doughnut surrounding the city.