Logan landfill
A trash compactor works the pile at the Logan landfill in this February 2004 file image.

The group that oversees the Logan Landfill is doubling fines for individuals arriving with unsecured loads to the dump, landfill manager Jim Simon said.

“The intent of the secured load fee is to reduce the litter and debris issues along the highways and roads due to vehicles traveling to the landfill,” Simon said in an email. “With growth and increased construction, we have seen an increase in unsecured loads at the landfill scale.”

The landfill is also seeing an increase in complaints regarding debris scattered from unsecured loads and the original $25 fee set in 2009 wasn’t acting as a strong enough deterrent, landfill officials said. The Solid Waste District Board opted recently to increase the fee to $50 and add an additional fee of $50 for each infraction up to $150 for repeat offenders. The rule gives no exceptions for failing to secure loads.

“The fee is the main tool the Solid Waste District utilizes to deter unsecure and unsafe loads traveling to the landfill,” Simon said in an email. “It is illegal in Montana to drive with an unsecured load, but enforcement of the law is difficult due to limited law enforcement and public safety resources.”

The district has put together a pamphlet regarding the change and how to properly secure loads. The rule goes into effect Monday, Nov. 18. For more information visit https://gallatinsolidwaste.org/loganlandfill/.