A Manhattan woman was charged with criminal possession of drug paraphernalia after needles were found during a probation search of her Wooden Shoe Lane home on Dec. 11.


A 26-year-old Belgrade man landed in jail Monday night after assaulting his girlfriend in the Gallatin Valley Mall parking lot because she refused to pick him up curbside when he was ready to leave.

According to court records, the woman called authorities to report the assault while she was being treated for her injuries by emergency medical responders in Belgrade. She ultimately was transported to the hospital in Bozeman for further treatment.

The woman told a Bozeman police officer that she and her boyfriend had been shopping at the mall on the evening of Dec. 16, and as they were leaving, the man told her needed to use the restroom. Because he took longer than she expected, the woman went to her vehicle to wait for him. She said her boyfriend became angry when she refused to drive closer to the building to pick him up, and that when he arrived at the car, he tried to take her keys because he wanted to drive. A struggle ensued, during which the key broke and fell somewhere in the car. The woman said her boyfriend tried to find the key, then struck her in the face with his fist “at least” three times and bloodied her nose.

According to the report, the woman said the assault continued when the man climbed over the center console of the car and began to strangle her, cutting off her airway to the point that she felt she was going to pass out. She said he continued to yell at her, poured a drink over her head, and then threw napkins at her and told her to clean herself up.

The report states that the woman had noticeable injuries consistent with her story, including swelling and bruising of both eyes and red marks around her neck. Her voice was raspy, and at times she had difficulty talking.

A Gallatin County Sheriff’s deputy arrested the woman’s boyfriend and transported him to the Gallatin County Detention Center, where he was held on the charge of strangulation of partner or family member, a felony.


Unconcealed fingers thwarted a known drug user’s attempt to hide from the law enforcement officers near Three Forks Tuesday night.

According to court documents, a Gallatin County Sheriff’s deputy stopped a green Nissan Maxima near the Drouillard Fishing Access at about 9:30 p.m. on Dec. 17 because he noticed that one of the car’s headlights was out. Before the officer made contact with the driver, he noticed movement in the back of the car, saw a metallic object, and saw the driver trying to close the rear seat of the car.

While the deputy asked the driver for her identification, he noticed fingers in the back of the car, coming from the trunk, holding up the back seat. The deputy called the Manhattan Police Department for backup, and two officers arrived a few minutes later to help with the high-risk stop.

A 31-year-old man hiding in the trunk of the Nissan at first refused to emerge, but finally came out after the trunk was popped open. The man said he was hiding because he believed there was a warrant out for his arrest.

Officers interviewed the woman, who said she and the man live in the car. She said she keeps her belongings on the driver’s side, and his are kept on the passenger side. When asked whether there were any dangerous drugs or drug paraphernalia in the vehicle, she said she knew there was some marijuana in the car, but that she was unsure about anything else.

The deputy had seen torch lighters inside the vehicle, and one of the Manhattan police officers said he knew that the car’s occupants are known drug users. The woman granted the deputy permission to search the vehicle for dangerous drugs and drug paraphernalia.

During the search, the deputy recovered a marijuana pipe; a small bottle with a green, leafy substance inside; a black container with a glass pipe with a circle on the end, consistent with the type used for smoking methamphetamine; and multiple cotton swabs. Multiple torch lighters of the sort used to smoke methamphetamine or heroin also were found, but none of them were on the driver’s side of the vehicle or in any of the driver’s bags.

When questioned, the man admitted that the items on “that side” of the car were his. Both he and the driver denied owning the meth pipe, but the woman said the marijuana pipe and marijuana were hers.

The man was transported to the Gallatin County Detention Center, where he was charged with criminal possession of drug paraphernalia.