What began as an investigation into a domestic dispute in Manhattan Saturday night ended with the arrest of a 33-year-old Belgrade man for tampering with evidence.

According to court records, Gallatin County Sheriff’s deputies responded to a report of a domestic dispute at the Conoco station on South Broadway in Manhattan at about 10:45 p.m. on May 16. A caller who reported the incident said a man and woman were arguing in the parking lot of the station in a white GMC Acadia. The woman got out of the vehicle and seemed to be trying to get away from the man, who almost hit other vehicles as he chased her in the parking lot. The couple were seen leaving the station, speeding out of the parking lot, and heading eastbound on Interstate 90.

A Manhattan police officer located the Acadia and stopped it near the Amsterdam Road interchange. Sheriff’s deputies arrived shortly thereafter, and pat-searched the man, who had been driving. An officer discovered what appeared to be an electrical cigarette in the man’s front pocket, but he did not remove it. The officer, who knew the man was on probation, asked a deputy to administer a preliminary breath test to the man, which registered .141 breath alcohol content.

While the woman was being interviewed, the man continually asked deputies if he was going to jail. During the conversation, a deputy noticed the man reach into his pants pocket and throw an object behind his back, then tell deputies he had been in jail six months prior for consuming alcohol. One deputy found the e-cigarette on the ground, but when questioned about it, the man said, “I don’t know what you mean.” The brown liquid in the cigarette later tested positive for marijuana.

Authorities contacted the man’s parole officer, who requested a search of the Acadia. During the search, a deputy found an open glass bottle of beer with foam on top of the liquid, indicating it had been opened recently. The man was placed on probation hold.

The officer who interviewed the woman concluded that no assault had taken place.

The man was taken to the Gallatin County Detention Center, where he was held on a probation order and charged with tampering of evidence for throwing away the e-cigarette. He was held without bond.


For the third time in 2020, a 39-year-old Norris Road man has been charged with partner or family member assault for throwing his girlfriend around their home by her hair and “smacking her in the face” multiple times.

Gallatin County sheriff’s deputies responded to a report of the dispute shortly before 10 p.m. on Sunday, May 17. The woman told deputies upon their arrival that her boyfriend had left the house and she didn’t know where he had gone. She repeated what she had told dispatchers about the incident, and a deputy found hair on the floor in the living room that was consistent with her story.

She told deputies she and her boyfriend had been drinking when they started arguing about finances. She said the man had threatened her and said he would burn the residence to the ground. She said the man has said similar things in the past, and that arguments between them have been escalating into violence more frequently. The man was convicted of assaulting the woman on Jan. 7 and April 22 of this year.

The woman was taken to a local hotel for her safety.

The next morning, deputies went to the residence to interview he man, who denied through a window that anything had happened. Though at first he refused to come out, he eventually was arrested and taken to the Gallatin County Detention Center, where he was served with a 72-hour no contact order and charged with partner or family member assault, third offense, a felony. He was held without bond.


A 33-year-old Three Forks woman whose seemingly unprovoked attack on her boyfriend was recorded by a witness was charged with partner or family member assault on May 20.

According to court records, Gallatin County sheriff’s deputies responded to a call at about 9:20 p.m. from a Ponderosa Road resident who said his girlfriend got upset with him and slapped his face hard while he was standing near the front door calmly talking to her. One of the man’s employees recorded the incident, which confirmed the man’s account of events. The deputy interviewed the woman, who said she had been drinking that night. She did not have an answer when asked why she felt the need to slap her boyfriend.

The woman was taken to the Gallatin County Detention Center, where she was charged with partner or family member assault, issued a 72-hour no contact order, and held without bond.


A 23-year-old Belgrade woman who drove into a ditch while attempting to scare her boyfriend was charged with criminal endangerment on Memorial Day.

According to court records, Belgrade police responded to a report of a vehicle crash near the intersection of Lagoon Road and Penwell Bridge Road in Belgrade about 8:40 p.m. on May 25. The person who called in the report said an apparently intoxicated woman in a white car had driven into the ditch and was walking around the outside of the vehicle.

When officers located the car, the woman was sitting in the driver’s seat. She said she had an argument with her boyfriend, who was initially driving the car, so he got out of the vehicle and started to walk away. She said got into the driver’s seat and began following her boyfriend in order to “scare” him. She said she hadn’t planning to hit him with the car, but she wanted to make him think she would, and drove into the ditch during the scare attempt. She said her boyfriend threw a rock at the car’s windshield and left on foot.

The interviewing officer noticed that the woman’s eyes were red and bloodshot and her breath smelled of alcohol. She was very emotional, according to the report.

Another officer found the boyfriend walking on Lagoon Road about a half-mile from the crash site. His lip was swollen, and there was blood on his shirt. He said his girlfriend punched him in the mouth while he was driving, so he got out of the car and began to walk away, after which she began to follow him with the car. He said she “tried to run me over,” and he had to jump out of the way to avoid being hit. He admitted to throwing a rock at the windshield.

The woman was taken to the Gallatin County Detention Center, where she performed poorly on field sobriety tests. She also provided a breath sample that measured her breath alcohol content as 0.099 percent. She was charged with criminal endangerment and held without bond. Court records indicate she may face additional charges of reckless driving; driving under the influence of alcohol, second offense; and partner or family member assault.


A Three Forks woman who confronted a neighbor with a handgun was charged over the weekend with violating an order of protection that prohibits her from possessing a firearm.

According to court documents, Gallatin County sheriff’s deputies on May 23 responded to a report of a disturbance with a weapon on Homestead Road at about 8:15 p.m. The caller said he was cleaning up items around his property when a neighbor came out of her residence holding a handgun. When deputies he arrived, he showed them a video he had recorded on his cell phone, in which the woman could be seen holding an object that appeared to be a handgun. Three witnesses told the deputy they had seen the woman with a gun.

Deputies next interviewed the 50-year-old suspect, who said her neighbor had driven past her home, then approached her asking her if she was OK. She said she told him to leave and that she was not OK, and said the man had started to threaten her as he had in the past.

Because the woman was under a current order of protection prohibiting her from possessing firearms, the woman was taken to the Gallatin County Detention Center, where she was charged with violating a protective order and held without bond.


A 55-year-old Belgrade probationer accused of using his new roommate’s credit and debit cards to purchase more than $17,000 of merchandise landed in jail over the weekend.

According to court documents, the man moved in to a residence on Colorado Street in Belgrade in mid-April. The next day, his roommate left town for work and left two debit cards and a 

credit card in his desk at home. While he was out of town, the roommate noticed transactions being made on all the cards, including at several businesses in Bozeman. The man called his landlord and Bozeman police on May 2.

When questioned by police, the man who had stayed at the residence in Belgrade said he learned about the fraudulent charges when his out-of-town roommate texted him to ask about them. He denied helping another friend – who he met in pre-release – to make purchases on the cards at Harbor Freight in Bozeman. However, police reviewed surveillance from the store showing the two men purchasing $1,717.24 worth of goods with the credit card on April 21, and attempting to purchase $4,520.59 worth of merchandise on April 29 (the cards were declined that day).

On May 15, the owner of the cards met with police and provided documentation showing credit and debit card charges he didn’t make. They totaled $17,530.09 from hardware stores, restaurants and gas stations in Bozeman, Helena and White Sulphur Springs.

On May 22, the accused was taken to the Gallatin County Detention Center, where he was issued a no-bond probation hold and charged with deceptive practices exceeding $1,500. Court documents said a request for further charges will be submitted.


A self-described “bad, bad man” who threatened a Gallatin County Sheriff’s deputy on the way to jail was slapped with multiple charges in connection with an incident at a Gallatin Gateway home Tuesday afternoon.

According to court records, deputies responded at about 3 a.m. to a report of a man having choked another man in the residence and threatening to kill people if law enforcement was contacted. Dispatchers were told the man was “intoxicated on multiple substances.”

Deputies confronted the man in a back room of the home. Reports state he refused to come out of the room, frequently hid his hands from view, and repeatedly asked a deputy to shoot him. After about 50 minutes, the officers were able to take the uncooperative man into custody and handcuff him for transport to the Gallatin County Detention Center.

The man who was reportedly choked told deputies that he and suspect had been wrestling as they commonly do, but that he was not hurt.

Dispatchers revealed that the suspect was on probation and a $500 warrant had been issued for his arrest. During the ride to the detention center, he repeatedly threatened the deputy and his family.

Upon arrival, the man provided a breath sample that measured .191 percent breath alcohol content. He was charged with obstructing a peace officer, making threats or exerting improper influence in official matters, and resisting arrest. Further charges may be levied.


A 60-year-old Belgrade man was charged Tuesday with malicious intimidation after reportedly threatening his Brazilian co-worker with a shotgun after making racist jokes toward him.

According to court records, the victim called Belgrade police on May 25 to report being threatened by his co-worker in Gallatin Canyon. The police department turned the matter over to the Gallatin County Sheriff’s Department because the reported incident occurred outside their jurisdiction. A sheriff’s deputy interviewed the victim and recorded his statement. The man said he has been continually harassed by his co-worker, who has made racist jokes toward him and tried to physically provoke him into a fight. The man said that during the past two weeks, his co-worker further harassed and threatened him, and said, “Someday you’re going to meet Betsy.” After telling him that several times, the victim said, his co-worker brandished a shotgun and told him it was “Betsy.” He said he felt threatened and feared for his safety.

On Monday, the victim said, he was with his family at a trail head in Gallatin Canyon, when the co-worker drove past, saying, “In Montana, we kill people like you.”

The deputy interviewed the men’s employer, who said he was aware of the harassment and had assigned the men to two different job sites as a result. The employer said he is aware of the defendant making racist comments and false accusations about the victim.

The deputy then interviewed the defendant, who admitted to making racist comments toward his co-worker. He also admitted he may have said “something like that” when confronted about the incident in Gallatin Canyon. He admitted to showing the victim the shotgun, but denied doing so to intimidate him.

The man was taken to the Gallatin County Detention Center on Tuesday. He was charged with malicious intimidation of civil or human rights and held without bond.