A 20-year-old Belgrade woman with a warrant for her arrest issued by the Bozeman Municipal Court ended up in even more trouble after a Belgrade Police officer found methamphetamine and drug paraphernalia in her car during a traffic stop on April 23, according to court documents.

Officer John Owens, who recognized the woman while she was driving and knew that there was an active warrant for her arrest, stopped her at Cameron Avenue and Broadway in Belgrade to serve the warrant. During the stop, Owens learned that she had been convicted previously of dangerous drug possession, so he contacted her probation officer, who in turn requested that Owens search the woman’s vehicle. Court documents state that Owens found a blown glass pipe containing white residue, a syringe, plastic jeweler’s bags and a clear, crystalline substance that later tested preliminarily to be .27 grams of methamphetamine.

The woman at first told Owens that she had been “clean for a year” and was unaware that the illegal items were in her car. Later, she admitted that she had seen the items, but hadn’t handled them. Finally, she admitted to having used illegal drugs within the prior few weeks, and to using methamphetamine just four days earlier.

The woman was taken to the Gallatin County Detention Center, where she was held without bond for criminal possession of dangerous drugs, a felony.


A Manhattan police officer who noticed a vehicle with an expired registration at the Thriftway convenience store on April 24, ended up arresting the 21-year-old driver from Bozeman after discovering he was carrying methamphetamine and a pipe in his pocket, according to court documents.

Officer Daryl Rogers noticed that the driver’s hands shaking when he handed over his license, insurance information and expired registration receipt after being pulled over on Park Street in Manhattan, so Rogers asked him why he was nervous. Though the driver denied that his hands were shaking, Rogers learned after contacting county dispatch that the man had at least one reason to be worried, as there was an outstanding warrant for his arrest on a charge of driving with a suspended license.

After Rogers told the man that he was being placed under arrest for the warrant, court records state that he felt a bulge in the man’s pocket, and asked him what he was carrying. After first the man said he was “not quite sure” what was in his pocket, but upon further questioning the man admitted that he was asked that he was carrying “meth” and a pipe.

Records state that the items seized include 6.81 grams of probable methamphetamine. The man was taken to Gallatin County Detention Center, where he was charged with criminal possession of dangerous drugs and held without bond.


A woman who said she had stopped at a Belgrade area service station en route from Butte to her home in Billings never made it to her destination, instead ending her travels at the Gallatin County Detention Center in Bozeman, where she was held after being charged with felony possession of dangerous drugs.

According to court documents, the 52-year-old woman was noticed by another customer to be sleeping in a slumped position in her Mercedes crossover at the Town Pump station on Business Hub Drive near Amsterdam Road at around 4:40 a.m. on April 27. When Gallatin County Sheriff’s Deputy Elizabeth Samson stopped at the station for gas, the observer asked her to check on the Mercedes’ driver, who had been in that position for quite some time.

Court records state that Samson was unable to tell upon looking in the windows whether the sleeping woman was breathing, but after she knocked repeatedly on the vehicle’s windows, the woman eventually woke up. Samson’s report stated that the driver seemed extremely dazed, confused and lethargic, and that her speech was slurred.

The woman told Samson that she was returning to Billings after being in Butte, and that her driver’s license had been suspended, which Samson confirmed. After performing a pat-down search, Samson found the defendant holding a glass pipe with white residue that later tested presumptively positive for methamphetamine.

The woman was transported to the detention center, where an officer found she had a tin can containing substances that tested positive for heroin, methamphetamine, and prescription amphetamine pills. She was booked into the jail and held without bond.


A Belgrade man has been charged with felony criminal endangerment for kicking a passenger out of his moving vehicle on Bear Canyon Road in early April, according to court documents.

The 27-year-old man was arrested and booked into the Gallatin County Detention Center on unrelated charges on April 25, more than two weeks after the Bear Canyon incident occurred, and questioned the next day about it. When he corroborated many of the victim’s statements about the event, it was determined that he had knowingly engaged in conduct that created a substantial risk of death or serious bodily injury to another person by kicking his passenger out of the vehicle.

Court documents state that Gallatin County Sheriff’s deputies responded to a report from a resident in the Bear Canyon area about a man hanging around his property. When officers arrived on the scene, a distraught man ran toward them crying and staying he had been stuck in the woods all night after being kicked out of a moving car the night before. Medics were called to the scene, and transported the man to the hospital for further evaluation.

Before being taken to the hospital, the man told officers that he and three other people had been in a car with the defendant late on the night of April 6. The driver told the victim that they had gotten stuck on Bear Canyon Road, and directed him to get out and help push the car. When the victim tried to get back into the vehicle, the driver started driving away, and then kicked the victim out of the car while it was moving.

The driver was held without bond at the Gallatin County Detention Center.