A 24-year-old Helena man, whose poor driving caught the attention of a Gallatin County Sheriff’s deputy Saturday, was charged with felony criminal possession of dangerous drugs after heroin was found hidden inside the dash of his car.

According to court records, the deputy was traveling southbound on Jackrabbit Lane after 9 p.m. on Oct. 12 when he noticed a car swerving in and out of its lane across the yellow centerline. When the speed limit dropped to 55 mph, the car kept traveling at 65, but then abruptly slowed to 45 mph when it entered a 45 mph zone.

Suspecting that the driver of the car might be impaired, the deputy stopped the car near the intersection of Jackrabbit and Huffine lanes.  The officer did not notice any odor of alcohol coming from the driver, but after dispatchers told him that the man was being supervised by the probation and parole office, he contacted the man’s probation officer. The officer told the deputy to obtain a breath sample from the driver and to search the vehicle. The breath test measured 0.00 blood alcohol concentration.

During a search of the car, the deputy found a multi-colored pipe, digital scale and a plastic bag containing a hard, brown substance behind the media console. The deputy believed that the substance was heroin, and a preliminary test at the Gallatin County Detention Center confirmed his suspicion.

The man was charged and booked into the jail without bond.


A 58-year-old Washington man who admitted to forging a signature in order to have an $8,500 boat registered in his rather than the rightful owner’s name was charged with felony forgery after being arrested in Belgrade on Friday.

On Oct. 18, according to court documents, an employee of a Belgrade storage facility called a woman who was renting a storage unit to tell her that a man was taking items out of the unit. The woman, in turn, called authorities, and a Gallatin County Sheriff’s deputy responded. When he contacted the woman, she told him that the storage facility employee had just notified her that the man had left; however, she went on tell him that the same man had forged her signature on documents at the Gallatin County registration department in an attempt to have her boat registered in his name.

The deputy contacted the man via cell phone, and then met him at the Flying J in Belgrade. The man admitted that he had attempted to register the Seadoo boat worth approximately $8,500 in his name.

The man was charged with felony forgery and transported to the Gallatin County Detention Center, where he was held without bond.


A 44-year-old Bozeman man is facing multiple charges after crashing an 

Audi A4 on Forswall Road near Springhill Community Road Tuesday evening.

According to court documents, Gallatin County Sheriff’s deputies responded to a report of the single-vehicle crash, and detained the driver until Montana Highway Patrol troopers arrived.

A trooper interviewed the man, and noticed that his breath smelled of alcohol and that his eyes were bloodshot and watery. The report states that the man was wet, muddy and disheveled, and had difficulty walking on his own.

The man admitted that he had been consuming alcoholic beverages prior to the crash, and officers found open containers of alcohol inside the car. The man refused to participate in a field sobriety test, but he did provide a preliminary breath sample that measured his blood alcohol concentration as .175 percent. He later agreed to provide a blood sample.

The officers discovered that the license plate on the car was issued to a Honda Civic instead of the Audi A4 that had crashed. The man’s driver’s license also was found to be suspended, and he did not provide proof of insurance.

The man was transported to the Gallatin County Detention Center, where he was charged with displaying license plates assigned to another vehicle, violating the open container law, driving with a suspended license, driving without liability insurance (third offense), and aggravated driving under the influence of alcohol. He was held on $2,065 bond.