A Belgrade man was charged with his seventh DUI Tuesday after callers reported seeing an intoxicated man wearing nothing but a straw hat on the trails near the Erwin Bridge Fishing Access.

According to court records, Gallatin County Sheriff’s deputies responded to the site shortly after 6 p.m. on June 2. Upon their arrival, the person who called in the report said the man was in a pickup truck in the fishing access. Officers approached the man, later identified as Scott David Thomspon, 62, in his truck. Thompson was sitting in the driver’s seat wearing shorts, an unbuttoned shirt, and a green bandanna on his head. When a deputy told him he was investigating a report of a naked man on the trail, Thompson said he had not been naked because he was wearing a thong.

During the interview, Thompson covered his mouth with a second bandanna. The deputy noticed Thompson was sweating, his speech was slurred, and there was a strong odor of alcoholic beverage coming from inside the vehicle. When asked how much alcohol he had consumed that day, Thompson told the deputy he had “one.”

After performing poorly on field sobriety tests, Thompson refused to provide a breath sample, so deputies secured a search warrant by telephone for a blood draw. A records check revealed Thompson had six prior convictions for driving under the influence of alcohol.

After the blood was taken at the hospital in Bozeman, Thompson was transported to the Gallatin County Detention Center, where he was charged with driving under the influence of alcohol, seventh offense, a felony. He was held at the jail without bond.


A 36-year-old Three Forks woman was charged with strangulation last week after her mother – who was staying with her because her senior living center had closed – called authorities and said her daughter was trying to kill her.

According to court records, Gallatin County Sheriff’s deputies responded to the distress call from a residence on Old Town Road in Three Forks shortly after midnight on May 28. They found the older woman sitting next to her walker in the living room of the home, and saw red marks on her neck and a small amount of blood on her face. She told deputies she had been staying with her daughter for a couple of months because the senior living center where she previously lived had closed.

The woman said her daughter, who she described as a “mean drunk,” had been drinking earlier in the evening at a friend’s house. She said that when her daughter returned home, she told her mother she had 48 hours to leave the property. The mother suggested talking about it the next morning, at which point the younger woman called her mother names, then “jumped up on the couch and just came at me with both hands.” She said her daughter grabbed her by the neck and started to choke her, preventing her from talking and breathing for about three seconds. She said that if her daughter’s boyfriend hadn’t physically intervened, she believed she would have been killed. She also said it wasn’t the first time such an incident had occurred.

One deputy stayed with the woman while another located her daughter at a neighbor’s house, which she had entered through a window. She refused to talk about the evening’s events when questioned.

The woman was taken to the Gallatin Valley Detention Center, where she was charged with strangulation of partner/family member. She was issued a 72-hour no contact order and held without bond.


 An apparently intoxicated Livingston woman was jailed last week after spitting on a Highway Patrol trooper investigating a car crash in Four Corners.

According to court records, the 33-year-old woman apparently crashed her car on Shedhorn Drive on the evening of May 28. She appeared to be agitated and “under the influence,” and she attempted to walk away from the sheriff’s deputies and trooper on the scene during the course of the investigation.

After she was handcuffed, the woman passively resisted being walked to a patrol vehicle, then began actively kicking at law enforcement officers while being placed inside the car. She spat on the trooper as the vehicle door was being closed.

The woman was taken to the Gallatin County Detention Center, where she was charged with assault with a bodily fluid and held on $585 bond.


A 27-year-old Three Forks man was jailed early Sunday after a dispute with his girlfriend who answered text messages on his phone while he was asleep.

 According to court records, the 

alleged victim went to the sheriff’s office in Three Forks early Sunday morning to report the incident. She told a deputy she had been at her boyfriend’s residence that night. She said she read through the text messages on his phone after he fell asleep and answered the ones she didn’t like. She said when her boyfriend woke up, he threw her phone, breaking the screen, then shoved her into a counter and threw her to the ground. She said she asked him to release her three times before he did so, after which she went outside and threw a crowbar at his car.

The report states the woman had scratches on the back of her neck from being grabbed, fresh bruises on her back from being shoved into the counter, and a bruise on her right bicep. She said she and her aunt had been verbally and physically abused by her boyfriend in the past, and they had established a text code number system they use to notify one another when they were fearful of him.

The man was taken to the Gallatin County Detention Center, where he was charged with partner or family member assault. He was issued a 72-hour no contact order and held without bond.