314 S. Broadway St. White House intersection

This 2012 file photo shows a two-story house on 314 S. Broadway St. that will be up for sale by City of Belgrade. The property was purchased August 2012 to solve traffic problems at a troublesome three-way intersection. The city has rented the home but wants to get out of the landlord business. About 15 feet on Broadway and 60 feet on Madison was kept by the city for a future solution.

The city of Belgrade will begin accepting proposals for the sale of the house it owns at 314 S. Broadway, after a series of events including an asbestos evaluation, appraisal and pandemic delayed the plan for several months.

City Manager Ted Barkley told the city council Tuesday that the appraisal of the property has been completed and proposals will begin to be accepted within the next week or so. The property appraised for $199,000.

The city purchased the house in 2012 for $110,000 in order to acquire right-of-way necessary to amend traffic flows at the intersection of Broadway, Madison and Colorado streets. Necessary lot line adjustments have been made, and the city will retain ownership of 15 feet of lot frontage on Broadway and about 60 feet of frontage on Madison for future traffic improvements.

The city decided last October to sell the house, which it has managed for several years as a residential rental. The plan then was to list the property right away, but the timeline changed when it was decided to have an asbestos evaluation done on the structure. The study revealed that some of the insulation in the house contains asbestos-contaminated vermiculite.

Though the house has been rented as a residence, its zoning designation would allow it to be used for commercial purposes.