The Montana Department of Transportation, in partnership with Helena Sand and Gravel, White Resources Group and Stahly Engineering, is updating sidewalk corners and non-compliant mid-block sidewalk sections throughout the Town of Manhattan. 

“Improvements to sidewalk corners will allow all users to get on and off sidewalks with more ease,” officials said in a release Tuesday. “Updates will include new curb ramps and wider sidewalk openings at intersections.”   

Additionally, a textured ground surface intended to alert users with impaired vision that they are approaching a roadway will be installed. These improvements will bring sidewalk access into compliance with the revised Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) standards and allow greater accessibility for all users. 

The ultimate goal of the project is to provide equal access to employment, health care, education and other services that are commonly accessible via town streets. Additionally, commuters on foot, users with limited mobility and users with strollers, walkers and other wheeled devices will be able to use the sidewalk approaches with more ease. Users will enjoy more walkable sidewalks once the upgrades have been made.  

ADA improvements will be installed on these streets in Manhattan: 

• South Broadway Street, between Wooden Shoe Lane and East Railroad Avenue

• North 5th Street, between East Railroad Avenue and East Fulton Avenue

• Dry Creek Road, between Spruce Street and Bridger Ridge Run

• West Main Street, between South 2nd Street and South 8th Street

In total, 63 sidewalk corners in Manhattan will be updated with ramps, 2 approaches will be installed, and one sidewalk will be improved to make Manhattan more accessible.

Improvements like these are part of an ongoing effort by the MDT’s ADA Transition plan to improve access and safety for all Montanans in communities around the state, especially in those areas where it can be difficult. 

“Minimizing impacts for both motorized and non-motorized traffic is top priority; we’re committed to working as efficiently as possible throughout the process,” said Bill Fogarty, Montana Department of Transportation’s Butte District Administrator. “We’ve been able to streamline the work so it will take about seven weeks total to complete work on Manhattan’s streets, as long as we don’t run into serious cold or wet weather.”   

Updates to curb ramps in Manhattan as part of the Butte District ADA Upgrades are funded using a combination of federal Congestion Mitigation and Air Quality (CMAQ) funds and state fuel tax dollars. Landowners adjacent to these project locations are not liable for any direct costs associated with the improvements.  

Crews arrived in Manhattan this week to begin work and will start on the west end of Main Street and move east. Once Main Street is complete, they will move north of the tracks on Broadway and East Railroad Avenue and complete the ramps on that corner, next moving to North 5th Street heading north. The work for the total project will take approximately 35 days or 7 weeks. However, construction schedules are extremely dynamic and weather dependent. People can sign-up for regular construction updates this by texting “manhattanada” to 555-888 or emailing or

To learn more about visit the project website at: