The Three Forks City Council is heading toward renewing a contract with the Gallatin County Sheriff’s Office, Councilman Gene Townsend announced at the council meeting on Tuesday.

As part of the agreement, the city adds $30,000 to the current payment each year for three years in exchange for an additional officer for a total of four deputies. Part of the additional duties will be to patrol the so-called “witching hour” from 11-2 a.m. and a full-day of code enforcement across the city. The total paid for the services will be $330,000 for three years, with a 4 percent increase in the payment for the fourth and fifth years.

Dennis Nelson, who also sits on the Council said they also discussed the ongoing concern about how to serve the south end of Broadwater County with the sheriff’s office where Nelson explained the death of Deputy Mason Moore among other incidents have left residents in that area asking for more protection. No resolution was reached in that matter at this time.

The agreement isn’t finalized yet, however. The next steps take the negotiations to the Three Forks Public Safety Committee to review the drafted contract.

“If no edits [are made],” wrote Crystal Turner, Three Forks City Clerk in an email, “we will have it on an agenda to allow the mayor to sign the contract, then forward it to the Gallatin County Commission for their internal department review.”

The internal department review will go past the sheriff, finance review and county attorney, then will be put up for approval.

Turner estimates the process should be concluded by the end of July.

In other news, Three Forks Ponds will sport a new fishing dock.

“This is intended to provide child-friendly fishing access by allowing users a way in to the ponds farther from the shore and the reeds we all get snagged in,” city officials said in a release.