Doc had escaped his busy Omaha practice and met his friend Stevo west of Eustace for a little sport. “Ever hunted coon on one of these?” Doc asked as he jumped two mules outta the back of his pickup stockracks.

1 Lying flat on my back in the lobby of the Hyatt Regency in Phoenix at 2 a.m. I passed the carafe of Chablis to my reclining colleague who looked at me and said, “Pardner, I don’t think you’re executive material!”

“I call to order the meeting of the Committee of the Department of Commerce. The purpose of the agenda today is to assess the importance of agriculture in the state. Our job is to determine which businesses should be included as part of agriculture. Let’s start,” said the chairman.

When I was a kid we had what we called the ‘bull rider’s limp.’ If you were entered up the Saturday before, you could develop a limp and make it last for a week! When a good lookin’ sweetheart asked what happened, you kinda shuffled and shrugged it off. “Got hurt,” you’d say. “How?” she’d as…

One of the hazards of having educated friends is that they are a frequent source of scientific information. Dr. Ben sent me a scholarly review entitled “WHAT DID OUR ANCESTORS EAT?” by two gentlemen well versed in nutrition and anthropology.

Many’s the time I’ve come home with yellow paint on my coveralls. Caterpillar yellow. Spot it a mile away! We used it to mark our cull cows. Two paint brands we’d borrowed from the sheepherders were dipped in the paint can and daubed on the cow’s rump according to their condition. O for old …

Have you ever had a simple gesture of kindness end up unappreciated?