It’s always a bit overwhelming after returning from vacation.

Tasks that used to take a few brief minutes turn into large challenges. Stories have been reported and printed for the last week leaving me clueless about current events.

One thing that caught my eye after returning from my break is Gallatin County Commissioner Bill Murdock officially announced his retirement.

Murdock has been talking retirement for years. He tried to go into a semi-retirement stasis last year by taking half-pay, but county officials wouldn’t let him.

Before he left on a month vacation to Europe in February, he said he would hand in his formal resignation upon his return. County officials have been waiting for an exact date since January.

Apparently, his last day will be April 18. I haven’t talked to him and I don’t know the significance of that date.

What I do know is the courthouse will not be the same. Murdock is his own man and has a strange mix of political views. One thing for sure is he is never boring. He didn’t have that filter most people have and he said some off-the-wall stuff on a regular basis.

One thing, though, is he always shot me straight, which is refreshing in this game of obtaining facts. There will not be another one like him.