“If you have a garden and a library, you have everything you need.”

—Marcus Tullius Cicero

Our recent spring weather pattern of snow, rain, wind, sunshine, then snow again, may provide an impetus to once again retreat to our garden bookshelf. It seems as though Mother Nature is not quite ready to proceed on to more pleasant gardening conditions.

There will be some days when the gardener may want to take a day off and stay inside for one reason or another. That is okay. This could be the perfect time to find new inspiration from a garden magazine or book.

For a quick read, new garden magazines are now appearing daily at the grocery and book stores. Their colorful covers reach out to grab the gardener’s attention with beautiful photographs and headlines promising you that perfect garden. They may even provide instructions for achieving this elusive goal.

I am easily taken in by the cover of a garden magazine. I want them all. Each year a new stack of these dream magazines begin to increase in depth, eventually decorating every tabletop, countertop, bookcase, and of course the bedside stand, always handy for a quick sit-down read. My family will say that my magazine collection has reached epic proportions and they are threatening to do an intervention. But that is another story.

One of my favorite garden writers, Tovah Martin, has a newly published book called The Garden in Every Sense and Season. She takes the reader on a tour of her gardens through the seasons while providing humorous adventures and many good ideas. Not a lot of pictures adorn this book, but I was inspired to try an early seeding of wild flowers in a few bare areas. This author can be followed on Facebook.

Lab Girl , written by Hope Jahren will inspire you to plant a tree immediately. The reader will be reminded of the importance of restoring our planet by becoming a tree advocate. You will learn the importance of planting even one tree, but you may find yourself wanting to plant even more. This book teaches us about much more than trees. The author relates her own life journey as a research biologist and professor while studying trees, flowers, seeds, and soil. She urges us all to observe and protect our environment and provides many good reasons for doing so. Her research takes us into the future of growing food on our planet. I found it fascinating.

The Inward Garden by Julia Moir Messervy relates her personal journey in the creative process of designing and developing her own garden. She tells the garden reader that daydreaming and imagination may play an important role in developing your garden and encourages individual creativity and experimentation in your own garden.You will find wonderful color photos in this book.

Ever optimistic, we wait patiently for warmer sunny days ahead. Happy gardening!