Well, they came this week, my wife plopping them down on the ottoman in front of me- our ballots. Inside that stuffed envelope hid the future of our town, our state, our country. For some odd reason, people ask for my opinions when it comes to elections, so there are my thoughts.

For the last few years, I have represented my pilot group as a lobbyist in Washington, DC. My union asked for me to co-chair our Government Affairs Committee. That position has taken me to our nations capitol a dozen times to speak to America’s elected officials in an effort to inform and st…

I was called a Nazi. This laughable political arrow was flung at me, my wife and kids, by a man driving in a minivan with anti-Trump posters taped to its many windows. “Your opinion means a lot to me,” yelled a lady standing next to me. We all chuckled.

In the last week, America has seen the good and bad sides to commercial aviation. We saw two Southwest pilots successfully save the lives of well over 100 passengers, but at the same time we watched Congress appropriate money seeing to rid airliners of second pilots.

When I conducted the pep band for Bobcat football and basketball games, one of our “old reliable” tunes was “Another one bites the dust.” Well, that is also becoming a reliable tune in American sports, culture, and politics- when it comes to “sexual misconduct.”