As I’ve been reading the coverage of and response to I-185, the Healthy Montana Initiative, I’ve been dismayed by the amount of misleading statements and outright lies in an attempt to confuse voters and protect the tobacco industry.

People across our state need to know how valuable Medicaid is to those with disabilities and the families who love them. These wonderful members of our community access life-saving, life-changing health care through Medicaid and we need to preserve the program.

In the current political climate, the need for elected officials who understand Integrity, Honesty, and Fairness and have a deep, sincere appreciation of what we have is more important than at any time we can remember.

Republican, Democrat, or Independent, we can all agree that we need less corruption and special interests in our government. It’s clearly a bipartisan issue – we must make sure our politicians are being held accountable and aren’t abusing taxpayer dollars. If this issue is important to you, …