To my friends in Gallatin County,

I wanted to let everyone know how I was doing. I am still living in Billings and going to dialysis three times a week. I’m feeling pretty good.

I moved into another room where I have windows that look out into a court yard where the squirrels are and one cotton tail. I like my new roommate; he’s not so noisy like my last one was. I also have more room and my plants like the window. The money tree plant is growing. The plant was given to me by a young Manhattan couple. I’ve never been able to keep plants alive, but this one and another plant I have, are both doing well.

I am writing sports for a little newspaper in Glasgow. It’s not the weekly paper where I started my career. It’s a paper my former co-worker started. It’s a free paper operating on ads. They also have a print shop, the only one in town, so they are able to put out a paper. 

I don’t get to go to the games, but can listen to them on the radio and I call the coaches. It keeps me busy. And it gives me something to do. I would go crazy here if I didn’t have that to do.

I thought I could retire and go watch the games, but I sit there wanting to take notes, so I decided to keep writing. I did not ask for pay because I just wanted to help out. If I was in Bozeman I would probably do the same.

I do miss everyone there and in the county. I don’t know when I will get over there for another visit, but if you head out this way,  come and see me. I could use the visitors. It gets a little lonely here without family here.

Also, drop me a line: 2115 Central Ave., Room 110, Billings 59102. Cards and letters help me also.

Hope everyone at the News is doing okay. I did hear that Becky retired. Wish I was there to help celebrate her retirement.

Hope everyone had a Merry Christmas and have a Happy New Year.

 Mike Brandt

Former Belgrade News sports reporter