Traditionally the City of Belgrade and the areas surrounding the city have acted in conjunction with one another to form one fire department – Central Valley Fire District. With the tremendous population growth in the City of Belgrade, state law will require the formation of a City Fire Department if not annexed into the fire district. Annexation of the city into the fire district will allow the continuity of current services provided by the fire district including both fire and emergency medical services. 

Tax payers are currently paying $165 a year for a home with a $200,000 tax value to receive the services of Central Valley Fire District. If the city residents of Belgrade do not annex into the fire district, the cost of fire protection services will increase to $756 a year for a home with a $200,000 tax value. In addition to the significant increase in taxation, these residents will face the uphill battle of forming a fire department with less resources than are currently available.

By voting “yes” to annexation of the City of Belgrade into the Central Valley Fire District, community members will pay less and maintain the same great service they are currently receiving. 

Ballots are mailed Feb 12, and must be returned by March 3.


Central Valley Firefighter Local 4939