You have a choice for Gallatin County Treasurer this election that directly affects you.  After proudly serving as your County Auditor for nearly 16 years - receiving and watching nothing but pushback on proposed changes that would make the Treasurer’s Office more efficient, transparent, innovative, and one that diligently strives to find solutions to meet your needs, I decided that we can no longer wait for change. 

While my opponent is a kind and hardworking person, this race is about more than a job.  It’s about leadership.  It’s about recognizing that people with jobs and families and responsibilities deserve a local government that tries its best to serve them.  It’s about ensuring county employees have the tools to help them succeed.   It’s about getting timely information to our cities, towns, agencies and districts that allow for informed financial decisions.  It’s about welcoming oversight of the investment of your tax dollars and making the County’s finances accessible to the public.  It’s about getting motor vehicle registration appointments to West Yellowstone, Big Sky, Three Forks and Manhattan twice a month to save you time.   It’s about stopping the push-back and embracing change.   It’s about you.

Will there be hurdles to overcome to make these changes?  Yes.    Can we work together with the State of Montana and the County’s highly trained Innovation and Technology Department to overcome them?  Yes.  Can it happen instantly?  No. Can we do it within the current budget?  If we are strategic in our planning, absolutely.  Can we finally make the changes necessary to make that office serve you?  Yes.  Yes we can!  

Please vote Jennifer Blossom for Gallatin County Treasurer so we can fix this.


Jennifer Blossom