Last month my water and sewer bill for the city was $91.68. I used 29,000 gallons of water, most of which was for irrigation. So, about 8,000 gallons drained into the city sewer system. Those 8,000 gallons of my billing cost about $45.84 for sewer usage.

A good city source told me the Gallatin County Airport, also known as Bozeman-Yellowstone International Airport, discharges 1,600,000 gallons a month into the Belgrade sewer system, and pays nothing for that privilege. If the airport entity was charged my rate, the cost would be $9,168.00 per month. The past eight months the airport board has paid nothing. Therefore, the airport board owes the City of Belgrade $73,344.00 (8 x $9,168.00).

The Gallatin County Commissioners should be embarrassed to be on the Belgrade City dole. Local news coverage states that airport revenue has been increasing. With the Gallatin County Airport on Belgrade’s welfare roll, it seems our county taxes should decrease. NO! In fact, county taxes are increasing.

Something does not smell right. Please contact your elected representatives and let them know how you feel about this problem of the airport board not paying for sewer usage.

Bill Green