Jedidiah Hinkle is running for our Belgrade legislative House District. Jedidiah was raised in a small Montana town built on agriculture and small local businesses. He is an outstanding person to represent us and our values. 

He is a local Belgrade father who owns two small businesses and he is incredibly qualified for this position. As a strong supporter of small government, he has always voted against tax increases, burdensome regulations, and fees that hurt our small community businesses. 

Jedidiah has served in the Senate and was selected for leadership on the Fish and Wildlife Committee. He knows that Belgrade is centered around our great schools and he has supported funding for public education. He understands the rising health care costs and has supported legislation designed to drive down our healthcare costs for all Montanans. To add to his legislative accomplishments, Jedidiah also helped carry legislation that protected our children from sexual predators and supported our infrastructure needs.

His opponent, Colette Campbell, has been attacking Jedidiah directly and writing untrue things about him. He is a man of integrity and would never stoop to that level like his opponent. To have a person of great character represent us is what we need to strive for in our community. Not someone like Campbell who seeks to bring a vicious nature to the legislature which will only create more partisan havoc. I believe he should hold this representative position. So please join me in voting for Jedidiah Hinkle for HD67.

Alicia Rarang