Good book shows the way

On the news last night I saw President Trump telling the people to not let COVID dominate our lives and to not be afraid of it. Then he was criticized. But, our Lord, Jesus Christ, and his angles have told us repeatedly, “Don’t be afraid.” The part President Trump left off was “only trust in the Lord.” I believe that wearing a mask will help control the spread of the virus. But, I also know when I hear, “do not be afraid,” and “your fear will save you,” which sounds more like the truth.

“What the wicked dreads will overtake him; what the righteous desire will be granted.” King Solomon

Stephanie Bergstrom


A Candidate Hinkle Introduction

Belgrade and surrounding neighbors, my name is Jedediah Hinkle, and I’m running in our district to represent you in the Montana State House of Representatives.

I’ve had an opportunity to meet so many of you this year and thoroughly enjoyed our conversations. As many know, in 2014 I took a leap of faith and entered a race into one of Montana’s swing districts here in the Gallatin Valley. I was elected and served 4 years in the Montana Senate. When elected, I was the youngest senator in Montana. The experience I gained in the Senate was incredibly valuable and I was quickly selected for a leadership position as Vice-Chair of the Senate Fish and Game committee.

Every legislative session Montana’s House is composed of about 1/3 first-time legislators. If elected, my experience in the Senate will be incredibly valuable to the House of Representatives, and having already learned the legislative process/issues, I plan to hit the ground running!

In the past, I have focused on fish and wildlife laws, access to public lands, and tax relief. I have repetitively supported legislation to drive down healthcare costs, funding for public education, and focused on keeping Montana’s budget fiscally responsible. If elected Nov 3rd, my main focus is property tax relief as property taxes have become an increasing burden for home owners and also affects rental prices. My wife and I are small business owners here in Belgrade. I know I will represent HD67’s values well, and humbly ask for your support.

Jedediah Hinkle


Vote ‘Yes’ for LR-130

The advertising promoting a “no” vote on LR-130 is deceptive. It claims voting “no” “protects our freedoms” but actually subjects us to more government and a certain, steady erosion of our rights.

Local, narrowminded and non representative jurisdictions will increasingly dictate the rules all Montanans will be obliged to follow. Out of state and anti gun interests, in particular Michael Bloomberg’s Everytown For Gun Safety, are financing this campaign to undermine our Second Amendment rights and eliminate our ability to resist their extreme agenda.

More government is never more freedom and LR-130 aims to protect us from more government and bureaucratic control.

Vote “YES” on LR-130

Paul Trey

Gallatin Gateway

Kortum’ ‘has realistic and practical ideas’

I support Kelly Kortum for House District 65.

Kelly has realistic and practical ideas such as advocating for policies critical to younger people starting their careers or college such as affordable housing, student loan debt, jobs that pay living wages. He believes all Montanans deserve affordable healthcare and supports Medicaid expansion because it provides healthcare to 90,000 Montanans and has saved our rural hospitals. He believes our public tax dollars should go to public-schools as the best possible investment in our young people. And he believes net neutrality is essential for our economy, education, and our daily lives, giving all business, regardless of size, equal access to the internet. Think about how essential the internet has been during the Covid pandemic.

Kelly knows masks are key to lowering Covid cases and protecting high risk Montanans and vaccines will be key to returning normality to Montanans. By comparison, his opponent, Jolene Crum, believes that the mask mandate violates part of the Nuremberg Code. Really!! She believes Bill Gates is “pressuring governmental leaders to keep things weird until his vaccine is ready”. Her campaign literature questions the need for vaccines at all! It’s all there on her website. Kelly Kortum’s views are grounded in reality. He supports vaccines for the health of the community and knows that masks are a way for all Montanans to contribute to our public health safety.

I encourage you to vote for Kelly Kortum for House District 65

Teri Ball


Woods ‘won’t just rubber stamp’ NorthWestern Energy requests

People like having choices, and the energy we use is one of the most important choices we can make. Given the option between something clean or something polluting, most of us choose the cleaner path. And when you get to pick something that’s cheaper vs. more expensive, naturally you opt to save a few bucks. Now that prices for clean energy have fallen below the price of fossil fuels, the choice seems pretty easy.

But you don’t get to make that decision. NorthWestern Energy makes that choice for you, and they’ve decided that what’s right for them is selling you coal-fired electricity that’s highly polluting and the most expensive. You don’t like that? Too bad. NWE is a monopoly; they make more profits by selling coal. You get what they give you, and you pay every penny they ask for it.

Frustrating, right?

But we have one choice we can make. We can elect a Public Service Commissioner who won’t just rubber stamp NWE. And that’s Tom Woods. The PSC is the most important race you’ve never heard of, because it encompasses our desire for a clean Montana, reasonable energy prices, and job growth in the only part of the energy industry that’s growing: clean energy. Tom knows his stuff and has a solid track record of looking out for consumers. Join me in voting for Tom so we can bring accountability to the PSC. They should work for us, not a corporate monopoly.

Karin Kirk