Brosten is a bridge builder

I’ve been spending a lot of time thinking about the state of politics in Montana these past few years. Lately my focus has been on local politics and the candidates working to fill seats in Gallatin County. I’m impressed by the group of promising upstarts and seasoned veterans, but I am most enthusiastic about Emily Brosten, a newcomer running in House District 68.

As a native Montanan, Ms. Brosten understands the issues that trouble voters in the state. She will strive to protect our access to public lands and waterways so we can enjoy them for generations to come.

Emily will also work to ensure Montanans can find good-paying jobs and affordable homes that allow us to build our own families without having to leave the state.

Most importantly, as a legislator, Ms. Brosten will reach across the aisle to bridge the state education gap so our children can build a brighter future for Montana than we can even imagine.

I know that Emily Brosten is the right person to represent HD 68. Even if this year’s statewide candidates have you disheartened, I encourage you to get a ballot and cast a vote for her. You’ll be glad you did!

Joe Hancock


Will of the people, not party, should be represented in Helena

3Emily Brosten is a 5th generation Montanan running for House District 68. She is a refreshing voice in these times of political divisiveness. Emily is running for office because she believes that a public servant should represent the will of the people rather than the desire of the political party.

As a supporter of the 2nd Amendment, Emily will stand with hunters, anglers, and gun owners and support continued access to public lands and protect those public lands from privatization. She has a background in agriculture and strong family ties to veterans and law enforcement officials and will continue to support agriculture, veterans, and law enforcement programs. She advocates for a strong economy that funds public services, fosters a strong, educated workforce, and provides access to affordable, reliable healthcare for all. Emily will be an open and approachable public servant who will listen to all sides of an issue before she casts a vote.

When elected. Emily Brosten will represent her constituents as a problem solver and commonsense voice for the citizens of House District 68.

Don Seifert


Jedediah Hinkle inspires

Jedediah Hinkle has been an inspiration in my life. He loves the outdoors and our sportsmen heritage here in Montana.

The many dimensions of hunting have always captivated me, the strategy, execution and the harvest. All taking place in the beauty of the wild. In addition, there is so much depth to hunting, what it can do in helping develop children into adults, and passing long held Montana traditions onto the next generation.

Jedediah is an amazing hunter and a good man. He always has a new story of his adventures here in Montana. His stories reflect so much of who he is. They reflect his hard work, his love for the outdoors, his character, and his ethics.

The more you get to know Jedediah, the more you realize Jedediah’s deep love Montana, our wildlife, and conservation. Jedediah earned a degree in fish and wildlife management from MSU, and has done extensive work in fisheries biology. In 2017, he was also Vice-Chair of the Senate Fish and Game committee.

In his previous term, Jedediah carried legislation to increase access to our public lands, and strengthened laws against littering on them. He has been endorsed by the National Rifle Association and Montana Shooting Sports Association. His Democrat opponent did not even fill out the NRA Survey. Our gun rights are protected with Jedediah.

Fellow HD67 voters and sportsmen and women, please join me in protecting our Montana sportsmen heritage and supporting Jedediah Hinkle in his bid for the State House!

Matthew Hume


Campbell has strong working roots

Colette Campbell is running for Belgrade HD 67. Colette’s best qualities are her willingness to listen, empathy, intelligence to figure out the best way forward, and the gumption to “get er done”.

Colette worked in the Head Start program in Belgrade for 12 years, graduated from Belgrade High, her two children went K-12 in Belgrade, she has lived all but two of the last thirty-five years in Belgrade. Colette knows Belgrade.

Colette graduated from MSU Bozeman. Colette will support the education system in Belgrade. Colette is on the board of the Montana Federation of Public Employees. They represent Head Start, Health Care, K-12, State, County and Municipal employees, Highway Patrol Officers, State Wildlife Biologists, County Health Department Staff, and retired members. When asked if she supported defunding the police, Colette answered no. She represents the police union and feels they are underpaid.

Colette comes from a proud family of farmers, loggers, sawmill owners, excavation contractors, road builders, home builders, tavern owners. She has witnessed first-hand the challenges of being a small business family. Colette will support the Second Amendment, farmers and ranchers, access to public land, responsible forest management, and responsible wildlife management. How do I know this? Full disclosure here: I am Colette’s very proud father.

Vernon Campbell