Money received in taxes from marijuana should go to preserving Montana lands. When voted on, the understanding was that the funding would go to our public parks and lands.

Montana is heavily reliant on its image and brand as a place that is geared towards outdoor access. A large number of funds that come from recreational marijuana sales would greatly improve and help maintain Montana’s outdoors for all to enjoy.

In the 2021 Conservation of the Rockies poll, 90 percent of people agreed that even with state budget problems, we should still find money to protect the state’s land, water, and wildlife. In Colorado, most of the money has gone to fund PK-12 schools and there has been nothing but positive benefits. Montana could see these same results for its public lands.

Mathilda Ruttgers


In the times that we live in, money is often the center of people’s worries, especially when it is misplaced. Such is the case with the funding the public of Montana voted to have set aside for public lands.

The money from the tax ravine on marijuana was set aside for public lands. While there are other good causes that this money could go to, it is misleading to place it somewhere else.

The public made a decision and would like it to be heard. To not follow it is disheartening to the public; when the public speaks for something and it is not honored, then they may feel that their words have no worth. This issue is not so much about money as it is the trust and worth of a person or a group of people’s words. I hope that you can hear this and support the people of Montana.

Elin Hicks