There are many issues that are facing Montanan’s in today’s challenging times. Senators Daines and Tester have shown that Montana property rights and the protection of those property rights matters in their co-sponsorship of S. 3019 – The Montana Water Rights Protection Act. The Association of Gallatin Agricultural Irrigators (AGAI) is made up of member ditches and water right holders in the Gallatin. The mission of AGAI is to be the guardian and advocate of the Gallatin River system through the protection of its historically decreed water rights. We take this mission very seriously.

Water rights and irrigation are critical in the Gallatin Valley and statewide. Ratification of the CSKT Compact will save Montana irrigators and others millions of dollars and provide certainty to our agricultural operations and property rights. In addition, the Trump Administration supported S. 3019 which will provide for thousands of much needed jobs in Montana.

In times of uncertainty it is nice to know that our Senators will take on hard issues and do the right thing by Montana property owners. Job well done Senators.

Andrea Wass

AGAI Vice President

on behalf of the board