I grew up in Belgrade back in a time when the community would be considered agricultural and rural. After being away for a decade and a half, I’ve returned to a place which is hardly familiar. One of the most drastic changes is the separation of the people from the land here. I fear Belgrade has forgotten its roots.

One of the most shocking revelations upon my return home, was to learn that chickens are banned within city limits. I cannot fathom the reason. Communities all around us allow them for so many positive reasons. A coop of backyard hens provides a healthy food source for their keepers while providing nitrogen rich fertilizer for gardens. They keep pests like insects under control and offer a connection for children to their food.

I can’t understand why it is considered okay to have 3 large breed dogs who bark nonstop and can fill a yard with waste to irresponsible owners, but chickens are considered a nuisance. The logic is lost as I pass several homes in Belgrade with that scenario.

As American citizens, we should be allowed to provide for ourselves and our family. We should be allotted the freedom to produce sustenance from our small parcels of land.

Backyard chickens should not only be permitted but be promoted as beneficial to the entire community.

Let’s be real, everything about backyard chickens is eggselent.

Rachelle Schrute