I am writing to state my full support for Don Seifert’s candidacy for House District 69. I first worked with Don Seifert when he was a member of the Gallatin County Planning Board, and later when Don Seifert as Gallatin County Commissioner. Don Seifert understands that government is to serve the people, and not the other way around. Don Seifert demonstrated a strong leadership role in moving a much needed infrastructure and public safety projects forward despite competing special interests and bureaucratic red-tape.

Don Seifert listens closely and carefully to all concerns and is the first to return calls, emails, messages and takes pride in developing the sort of personal relationships that other politicians reserve only for persons of influence. I was disappointed to learn that Don Seifert is leaving the county commission, but whole hardheartedly endorse Don Seifert for House District 69 as I know Don will bring common sense, responsible and honest representation to We the People.

James Greenbaum