I want to express my extreme gratitude to Deputy Nathan Kamerman for his service above and beyond the call of duty.

While driving last Sunday from Deer Lodge to Bozeman Airport, my wife and I had the unfortunate experience of a tire blowout approximately 14 miles prior to arrival at the airport.  We were in severe jeopardy of missing our flight.  Auto Club sent a tow truck from Belgrade but we were told it would be at least 30 minutes prior to arrival.  To our pleasant surprise, Deputy Kamerman arrived on the scene.  His first words were “are you safe” and “how can I help”.  Upon surmising the situation, Deputy Kamerman instructed me to call off the AAA tow truck as he could change tire and have us on the road in time to make our flight.  The deputy immediately jumped into action.  He changed tire for us and made sure we re-entered traffic safely.

Montana should be very proud of Deputy Kamerman, and others like him.  You have done an amazing job of creating a Sherriff’s representative like Officer Kamerman.  Thank you for instilling such a proud, kind, and service minded force.  Thank you to Officer Kamerman for exemplifying the definition of duty and service. 

James Ratkovich

Los Angeles