Springtime is approaching and spring cleaning usually accompanies its arrival and beginning in March 2020, the Town of Manhattan is initiating a “Town of Manhattan Street Clean Up Campaign.” 

This is due to increased resident complaints, emergency vehicle interferences, and street maintenance obstructions. Therefore, the Town of Manhattan is requesting that residents no longer store campers, RVs, all types of trailers, motor homes, and abandoned vehicles on city streets and alleys. 

This is in compliance with Montana State Law (MCA 61-8-356) “Prohibition against parking or leaving vehicles on public property ... upon a city street, or state, county, or city property for a period longer than 5 days.” Along with compliance to Manhattan’s Abandoned Vehicle Town Code (4-6-1) “It is unlawful to park, store, leave, or permit parking or storing of any wrecked, junked, partially dismantled, or inoperative vehicle on private property within the Town limits for longer than 72 hours.”

Formal complaints concerning violators of the above State Law and/or Town Code must be filed with the Manhattan Police Department.

Thank you for your cooperation and courtesy towards your neighbors, in keeping our town safe, clean, and aesthetically pleasing.


Town of Manhattan