Jedediah Hinkle is a bad choice for HD 67! He voted AGAINST funding to protect children from child abuse and neglect,  sexual assault, bullying, and OPPOSED the Safe Child Initiative. He voted AGAINST mental health and suicide prevention campaigns. He voted to DENY women’s rights to healthcare decisions and CRIMINALIZE those choices. He voted AGAINST the HELP ACT that benefitted tens of thousands of our neighbors. He voted AGAINST small business incentives and investments in Montana manufacturing. He voted AGAINST raising the minimum wage and protecting workers from discrimination. He voted AGAINST Pre-K, debt relief for Montana students, funding for Special Education and the 6 mill levy. He supported public lands transfer, BLOCKING access to public lands for hunting and fishing, and opening wilderness areas to development. He DIDN’T protect our voting rights and protected Dark Money in our elections. The list goes on and on.

I have known Colette Campbell for over 25 years as a next door neighbor, a single mom, a student, a teacher, an advocate. Colette never says can’t but “How CAN WE?” then puts her heart and soul into getting it done. It is my privilege to cast my vote for Colette Campbell for HD67.


Kristine Menicucci