Supporting Colette Campbell for HD67 isn’t just about what she stands for, which includes support of public education system, local agriculture and a living wage for working Montanans. It’s also important to remember why the alternative, Jedediah Hinkle, is such a bad choice for the Belgrade area.

Hinkle was in the legislature previously, before losing in 2018. Hinkle’s record reflects an ugly vision for Montanans. He voted against the health department developing plans to prevent child abuse, against funding for higher education, against Pre-k education and against funding to improve safety of Montana’s roads and bridges. He voted for weakening our water quality standards and for the rights of big Pharma over the interest of us consumers. He also voted against Medicaid expansion which provides health insurance to 80,000 Montanans and helps keep our rural hospitals in business.

Hinkle’s record is the opposite of what Colette Campbell sees for Montana’s future. The way he’s voted in the past tells us how bad he’d be for HD67. It matters who represents us in Helena and what vision they have for Montana.

We can’t afford even one term from Hinkle. Colette Campbell will be a representative HD67 can be proud of.


Elizabeth Marum