DILLON — Could this be another title year for the Manhattan Tigers?

It’s early, but all indications are that the two-defending State B champion will be in the thick of things when the postseason rolls around next month.

The Tigers easily won the first track and field meet of the season with 111 points on Saturday. Class A Dillon was second with 79 points, while Townsend third with 58. Class C Manhattan Christian was fifth with 52 points and Class B Three Forks had 14 points.

“I wouldn’t say we were surprised by any of the results,” said Manhattan coach John Sillitti. “As far as team scores, we were a little unsure what to expect since many teams were missing some athletes for the district music festival, but we don’t care about team scores right now anyway. We care about improving marks and times. That being said, our scores were encouraging considering we only had 30 of our 48 kids compete on Saturday. Some of those 30 kids were limited due to injury, so we weren’t at 100 percent.”

Manhattan boasted a pair of athletes who won two events and had multiple athletes place in other events to help the Tigers win the meet title.

Sophomore Tony Krogstad won the 3,200 with a time of 10:40.42. Ivan Colmenero followed with a time of 10:46.14, while Colter Smith was fifth with a time of 11:58.38.

“A couple of kids hit marks we have seen potential for in practice but weren’t sure we’d see the first day of competition,” said Sillitti. “Ivan and Tony were a solid one-two punch in the distance races. Ivan just got edged in the 1,600 by two Class A all-state runners (Dillon’s Sage Schoonen and Anaconda’s Aidan Theard). Despite being a first-year distance runner, Ivan put himself in a position to win that. Tony bounced back with a good time in winning the 3,200 with he and Ivan separating from the pack early.”

Austin Oldenburger won the discus with a throw of 150-feet, 9-inches. The senior also finished second in the shot put with a heave of 44-2.50.

“Austin Oldenburger was a beast Saturday. He had big PRs and great early season marks in the shot and the disc,” said Sillitti. “We’ll miss him and three or four other kids at Tuesday’s meet for SkillsUSA. He looks awesome right now, and he led a group of FOUR Tigers into the finals (top 8 from prelims) in the boys shot. Coach Jen Allen’s group had an awesome day.”

Barry Francis was fifth in the shot put and Chase Barta sixth in the discus.

Caleb Neth had a solid day in the hurdles and 100 meter dash. The sophomore was second in the 110 (15.84) and 300 (42.85) hurdles and fourth in the 100 (11.54). Neth also finished third in the long jump with a leap of 19-feet, 6-inches.

“Caleb placed second in both hurdles, ran a solid early time in the 100, then had a great first meet mark in the long jump,” noted Sillitti.” Caleb will also pole vault and throw some javelin this year.”

Manhattan’s 400 and 1,600 meter relay teams also finished second, and the McCloud brothers — Cody and Cole — had a strong first meet. Cody McCloud, a senior, posted a personal best jump in the pole vault, clearing the bar at 12-feet, 6-inches to finish second. Cole McCloud, a sophomore, also had a personal best in the high jump at 6-feet to finish second.

“Our boys were missing some notables — Jerry Townsend (team captain, shot, disc), Ira Slingsby (distance), Alec Nehring (state qualifier last year in shot, disc, long jump, triple jump), and Shondel Connerton (jumps). Also Turner Stone (sprints, jumps, relays) was limited due to injury as was Conner Cross (sprints, relays, PV). We were missing about six other boys who are freshmen or first-year athletes.”

Manhattan Christian had a good day as well. The Eagles were led by three winners. David Keena posted a time of 52.01 seconds to with the 400, Kevin Blanksma had a jump of 6-foot, 2-inches to win the high jump, and Scott Kamps went 20-feet, 6-inches to win the long jump.

“They all had a pretty good day. We had some good finishes,” Christian coach Nate TeSlaa said. “This is a nice meet. We get to see some of the other teams from our district. You practice for three weeks then it’s nice to put all of that to work.”

Keith Heidema also had a good day for the Eagles, finishing third in the 110 hurdles with a time of 15.91. Blanksma added a second place finish in the triple jump, going 38-feet, 10-inches.

Luke Colberg started his season off by finishing second in the 800. The Three Forks junior finished in 2:11.87.

“He was pretty happy with his time,” said Three Forks coach Tracy Welter. “He took two seconds off of his PR from last year.”

Colberg also ran a leg on the Wolves’ 1,600 relay, which finished third with a time of 3:58.07. Tyler Gootkin, Collin Whitesitt, and Zack Story also ran a leg on the relay.

“We just threw that together,” noted Welter. “We had four guys step up that wanted to do that.”

Manhattan, Christian and Three Forks have little time to rest as all three teams return to the track today for smaller meet in Bozeman. Action is slated to begin at 3 p.m.

Sheridan Invitational

(at Vigilante Stadium, Dillon)

Teams scores: Manhattan 111, Dillon 79, Townsend 58, Butte Central 57, Manhattan Christian 52.

100 - 1. Kyle Harrington, BC, 11.42; 2. Mick Paffhausen, DIL, 11.43; 3. Eliot Schulte, TOW, 11.54; 4. Caleb Neth, MAN, 11.54; 5. Jed Fike, HAR, 11.73; 6. Turner Stone, MAN, 11.81.

200 - 1. Eliot Schulte, TOW, 23.66; 2. Kyle Harrington, BC, 23.96; 3. Jake Knock, ENN, 24.49; 4. Jed Fike, HAR, 24.50; 5. Justin Kingma, GAR, 24.78; 6. Kaleb Crook, TOW, 25.15.

400 - 1. David Keena, MC, 52.01; 2. Cheyenne Fuller, SHER, 53.68; 3. Kenny WIlbur, TOW, 53.97; 4. Liam Ronayne, JEF, 55.84; 5. David Schachman, MAN, 56.78; 6. Gabe Leum, ENN, 57.80.

800 - 1. Kenny Wilbur, TOW, 2:10.17; 2. Luke Colberg, TF, 2:11.87; 3. Aidan THeard, ANA, 2:16.01; 4. Rahkiel Eyer, JEF, 2:16.28; 5. David Schachman, MAN, 2:20.21; 6. Ransom Bowman, DIL, 2:21.05.

1,600 - 1. Sage Schoonen, DIL, 4:46.19; 2. Aiden Theard, ANA, 4:47.14; 3. Ivan Colmenem, MAN, 4:49.13; 4. Jory Fisher, WSS, 4:59.48; 5. Conor McGree, BC, 5:10.65; 6. Colten Leum, MC, 5:17.81.

3,200 - 1. Tony Krogstad, MAN, 10:40.42; 2. Ivan Colmenem, MAN, 10:46.14; 3. Conor McGree, BC, 11:21.53; 4. Riley Lynn, TOW, 11:41.53; 5. Race Owens, ENN, 11:53.31; 6. Colter Smith, MAN, 11:58.38.

110 hurdles - 1. Mick Paffhausen, DIL, 15.36; 2. Caleb Neth, MAN, 15.84; 3. Keith Heidema, MCHS, 15.91; 4. Ethan Nyhart, WSS, 18.40; 5. Daniel Egan, DIL, 18.51; 6. Jake Davidson, SHER, 19.12.

300 hurdles - 1. Mick Paffhausen, DIL, 40.91; 2. Caleb Neth, MAN, 42.85; 3. Keith Heidema, MC, 46.47; 4. Jace Lewis, TOW, 46.77; 5. Jake Wendt, WSS, 46.99; 6. Josh Kneeland, TB, 47.85.

400 relay - Butte Central, 46.45; 2. Manhattan, 47.45; 3. Townsend, 47.50; 4. Sheridan, 47.58; 5. Ennis, 49.13; 6. Dillon, 49.23.

1,600 relay - 1. Townsend, 3:46.32; 2. Manhattan, 3:48.20; 3. Three Forks, 3:58.07; 4. Anaconda, 4:02.11; 5. Manhattan Christian, 4:02.32; 6. Sheridan, 4:03.38.

High jump - 1. Kevin Blanksma, MC, 6-2; 2. Cole McCloud, MAN, 6-0; 3. Walker Cordell, DIL, 5-8; 4. Brady Richardson, DIL, 5-6; 5. Ben Corrigan, TB, 5-6; 6. Brock Larsen, WHI, 5-6.

Pole vault - 1. Walker McKitrick, ENN, 12-6; 2. Cody McCloud, MAN, 12-6; 3. Ethan Blume, ANA, 12-6; 4. Jayson Fredrickson, ENN, 11-0; 5. Jed Fike, HAR, 10-6; 6. Ty McKay, DIL, 10-0.

Long jump - 1. Scott Kamps, MC, 20-6; 2. Cole Harper, BC, 19-7; 3. Caleb Neth, MAN, 19-6; 4. Gabe Hupp, DIL, 19-5; 5. Jed Fike, HAR, 19-2; 6. Elliot Schulte, TOW, 19-2.

Triple jump - 1. Jed Fike, HAR, 40-8; 2. Kevin Blankesma, MC, 38-10; 3. Xavier Harris, SHER, 38-6 3/4; 4. Brant Marsh, SHER, 38-1 1/4; 5. Ethan Nyhart, WSS, 37-10 1/2; 6. Luke Harper, DIL, 36-3.

Shot put - 1. Wham Erick, ENN, 48-8; 2. Austin Oldenburger, 44-2 1/2; 3. Kaeman Richard, BC, 38-10 1/2; 4. Garrett Petersen, HAR, 38-9; 5. Berry Francis, MAN, 38-2 1/2; 6. Brennan Hammer, DIL, 38-0 1/2.

Discus - 1. Austin Oldenburger, MAN, 150-9; 2. Marcus Ferriter, BC, 140-9; 3. Derick Wham, ENN, 135-2; 4. Sam Fletcher, JEF, 127-8; 5. Patrick Griffin, DIL, 125-10; 6. Chase Barta, MAN, 120-2.

Javelin - 1. Kyle Finch, DIL, 151-11; 2. Patrick Griffin, DIL, 147-7; 3. Jerry Metesh, PHI, 144-6; 4. Kelly Krumm, ANA, 134-5 1/2; 5. Mike Cooney, PHI, 134-1; 6. Jordan Barfuss, WSS, 123-3.