Golf Ball

While playing conditions improved Thursday compared to the previous day’s wet weather, it didn’t result in quite the improvement Mike Deming had hoped to see.

Belgrade’s golfers saw mixed results at the Butte Invitational, which began Wednesday at Old Works Golf Course in Anaconda and concluded Thursday at the Butte Country Club.

“We didn’t play as well as we were hoping to. We felt pretty good about yesterday, we liked what we did,” Belgrade’s first-year coach said. “Today was just one of those days where we didn’t have any success playing back to back days. So that’s something that we need to continue to try and work on. Right now it’s just trying to be consistent from Day 1 to Day 2, and so far we haven’t done that.”

Bozeman’s boys and girls swept the team titles for the fourth consecutive tournament. The boys finished with a 602, while Glacier and Missoula Sentinel rounded out the top three with a 638 and 692, respectively.

Belgrade placed sixth as a team with a 692 as four of the team’s golfers finished in the top 30.

Brock Blake had rounds of 81 and 92 to place 27th with a 173.

Jaxson Hinshaw (91-82), Braxton Butler (87-87), and Anthony Madison (85-90) followed with scores of 173, 174 and 175, respectively. Brodie Falk rounded out the team with a 180 (90-90).

“I thought Brodie Falk played consistently for two days in a row,” said Deming. “And Jaxson Hinshaw had a good second day. He really played well today.”

Bozeman’s girls carded a 666 to win the tournament, while Butte High and Flathead rounded out the top three with a 711 and 772, respectively.

Belgrade fielded three golfers, and Deming noted the trio were solid on both of the courses. Sophie Flikkema led the team with a 224 (111-113) to place 24th, while Brynn Butler carded a 247 (118-129) to place 33rd. Jordan Whitaker competed in her first-ever varsity tournament and placed 27th with a 228 (111-117).

“She (Whitaker) got to experience the varsity and she held her own,” said Deming. “She played well yesterday on a difficult course on Old Works and today, tight course, she played well.”

Belgrade will host its lone tournament Tuesday at Valley View Golf Course in Bozeman.

“We haven’t spent much time actually playing Valley View since we’ve been on the road playing in so many tournaments, so it’ll be nice to get home and play in the Gallatin Valley and hopefully the weather cooperates,” said Deming. “We’re excited to come home and our last two meets are going to be in the Gallatin Valley so we won’t be traveling as much. It’ll be a good break from traveling.”

Butte Golf Tournament

(at Old Works Golf Course & Butte Country Club)

Girls Results

Team scores: Bozeman 666, Butte High 711, Flathead 772, Glacier 831, Dillon 916. Not fielding a full team — Belgrade, Missoula Big Sky.

Top 15: 1. Marcella Mercer, Bozeman, 157; 2. Sami Yates, Bozeman, 161; 3. Cora Rosanova, Bozeman, 162; 4. Cooper Knarr, Bozeman, 164; 5. Ella Prigge, Butte High, 167; 6. Jillian Wynne, Flathead, 171; 7. Kodie Hoagland, Butte High, 171; 8. Grace Luoma, Butte High, 182; 9. Franchi Ceartin, Bozeman, 186; 10. Juliet Ragnovich, Bozeman, 193; 11. Kennedy Lean, Butte High, 195; 12. Abi Manger, Glacier, 200; 13. MacKenzie Finnegan, Butte High, 203; 14. Kylee Pittman, Dillon, 203; 15. Hannah Nikunen, Glacier, 206.

Boys Results

Team scores: Bozeman 602, Glacier 638, Missoula Sentinel 664, Butte High 671, Missoula Big Sky 680, Belgrade 692, Missoula Hellgate 698, Flathead 749, Dillon 778, Butte Central 755, Butte High JV 854.

Top 15: 1. Jordan Verge, Bozeman, 143; 2. Justus Verge, Bozeman, 146; 3. J.R. Small, Bozeman, 152; 4. Ezra Epperly, Flathead, 155; 5. Kaven Noctor, Butte High, 156; 6. Keaton Cassidy, Glacier, 156; 7. Joe Opitz, Missoula Sentinel, 157; 8. Tyler Avery, Glacier, 157; 9. Ryan Harvey, Missoula Big Sky, 161; 10. Ramey Lloyd, Bozeman, 162; 11. Coby Kunda, Glacier, 162; 12. Andrew Hauser, Missoula Sentinel, 164; 13. Carson Suchecki, Missoula Big Sky, 165; 14. Daniel Loomis, Bozeman, 165; 15. Zach Hangas, Missoula Sentinel, 166.