Following the first two tournaments of the season, Mike Deming was preaching consistency to his golfers. They responded Wednesday and Thursday at the Butte Invitational.

Belgrade’s boys placed sixth at the Fairmont Hot Springs Resort Golf Course with a score of 700. Bozeman won its third consecutive tournament to begin the season with a 615, while Helena Capital was second with a 649.

“We wanted to be more consistent, so we were pretty consistent Day 1 to Day 2. The guys are playing pretty well,” Deming, who is in his first season as the Panthers’ head coach, said. “The biggest thing is we’re still having two to three bad holes that are really blowing up our scores ... I think they’re just going to get better if they can eliminate those big holes and managed the course a little bit better.”

Braxton Butler led the way for Belgrade, placing 26th after rounds of 86 and 87 for a 173.

“Braxton had a great weekend,” said Deming. “He had a couple bad holes to finish, but other than that he played solid.”

Anthony Madison (89-86), Brock Blake (89-87) and Jaxson Hinshaw (88-88) finished 29th, 31st and 32nd, respectively, with scores of 175, 176 and 176. The Panthers were rounded out by Aydan Grom, who was 52nd with a 198 (99-99).

Bozeman cruised to victory on the girls’ side with a 675, while Butte High was second with a 734. Belgrade did not field a full team.

Sophia Flikkema placed 39th for the Panthers with a 231 (115-113), while Brynn Butler was 50th with a 254 (131-123).

“Sophia and Brynn both played better the second day,” noted Deming. “So I’m really happy with the way they’ve been playing and we’re going to add another girl this week. Trying to get to a full girls team.”

Belgrade is back in action Sept. 11-12 with action in Anaconda and Butte hosted by Butte High.

“We’re going to see a lot of the same competition,” said Deming. “But we took sixth out of 11 teams and we held our ground. We didn’t make up any ground the next day, but we were respectable in the middle of the pack. We’re just trying to improve and get ourself a better score. Eliminating those big holes is going to help.”

Butte Invitational

(at Fairmont Springs Golf Course)

Boys Results

Team scores: Bozeman 615, Helena Capital 649, Glacier 662, Butte High 669, Missoula Sentinel 675, Belgrade 700, Missoula Big Sky 743, Flathead 745, CMR 748, Helena High 752, Butte Central 759. No team: Missoula Hellgate, Great Falls High, Butte High JV.

Top 10: 1. Justus Verge, Bozeman, 146; 2. Jordan Verge, Bozeman, 149; 3. J.R. Small, Bozeman, 154; 4. Gabe Witham, Helena Capital; 5. Kaven Noctor, Butte High, 155; 6. Trevor Swanson, Helena Capital, 157; 7. Tyler Avery, Glacier, 157; 8. Joe Opitz, Missoula Sentinel, 163; 9. Jack Prigge, Butte High, 165; 10. Ramey Lloyd, Bozeman, 83

Girls Results

Team scores: Bozeman 675, Butte High 734, Helena High 755, Flathead 805, Glacier 831, Helena Capital 855, Great Falls High 859, Butte High JV 894, CMR 933. No team: Missoula Hellgate, Missoula Big Sky, Missoula Sentinel, Butte Central.

Top 10: 1. Cora Rosanova, Bozeman, 151; 2. Marcella Mercer, Flathead, 156; 3. Sami Yates, Bozeman, 161; 4. Kodie Hoagland, Butte High, 164; 5. Lauren Williams, Helena High, 173; 6. Jillian Wynne, Flathead, 176; 7. Cooper Knarr, Bozeman, 177; 8. Ella Prigge, 9. Alana Griffin, Glacier, 91; 10. Ginny Kerr, Helena High, 180.