Cross Country

Cross country runners from Manhattan and Three Forks wrapped up the regular season on a blustery and very chilly Saturday in Townsend.

Manhattan’s girls won the meet with 29 points, while Broadwater and Three Forks followed with 47 and 77, respectively.

Manhattan’s boys finished as the runner up behind host Broadwater County, 30-31.

“It was pretty miserable. Very, very cold and very gusty. A few teams didn’t show because of the weather.  Everything was fine though, just cold, windy and slow,” Manhattan coach John Sillitti said of the conditions. “Because of the smaller numbers I think the wind played a bigger role — just fewer kids to work together.”

Manhattan’s Zak Meeker won the meet in 17:07.8, while teammate Bryce Love placed a distant second in 17:46.2. Wyatt Barney also placed in the top five, finishing fifth in 18:11.4.

The Tigers were rounded up by Luke Meeker (11th, 19:09.0), Isaac Boyd (12th, 19:09.3), Quinton Johnson (17th, 19:30.2), and William Rolando (17th, 19:30.2).

“I was happy that our kids fought through the race and didn’t try to just draft off other runners the whole time,” said Sillitti. “They took turns in the front and didn’t shy away from facing the wind, even though some of our kids pushed a little hard in practice this week and weren’t totally fresh.”

Three Forks, led by Bryce Olson, placed fourth in the team standings with 117 points. The senior placed seventh with a time of 18:30.5.

Aden Lehr (20:51.3), Anthony Deriana (21:51.7), and Devon Potts (21:05.5) finished 23rd, 24th and 25th, respectively. Dean Buchholz (30th, 22:24.4) and Cody Hope (36th, 26:26.1) rounded out the squad.

“The boys ran well,” Wolves coach Tara Forsberg said. “A little slower than what they wanted to, but I feel the cold was a factor.”

On the girls side, Three Forks’ Kyle Olson won the meet with a time of 20:16.5. She edged Broadwater’s Emma Stolte by just under two seconds.

Hannah Wilson added a 12th place finish for the Wolves in 22:18.1, while Lily Jones was 16th in 23:03.0. The team was rounded out by Kodee Kolberg (22nd, 23:48.1) and Traci Johnson (26th, 24:16.7).

“We had two girls with PR’s,” noted Forsberg. “I was happy with everyone’s performance.”

Manhattan boasted three harriers in the top five led by Saige Duffin, who was third in 20:49.9. She was followed by Jodi Cameron (20:57.3) and Jessa Steele (21:08.6).

Hallie Hemenway (21:46.6) and Pralie Duffin (21:51.6) were 8th and 9th, respectively, while Rylee Cameron was 13th in 22:35.6.

Manhattan Christian was also slated to compete, but pulled out. All three teams will compete in the all-class state meet Oct. 20 in Missoula.

“I wouldn’t say it was a great tune up for state, but I thought it was a great learning experience for my team to face those conditions,” said Sillitti. “State next week is supposed to be 60 and sunny, but I am glad our kids had the chance to work through today. It was really the first bad weather day most of them have seen.”

Rusty Raisland Invitational

(at Old Baldy Golf Course, Townsend)

Boys Results

Team scores: 1. Broadwater 30; 2. Manhattan 31; 3. Twin Bridges 102; 4. Three Forks 117; 5. Whitehall 138. No score: Ennis, Jefferson.

Top 20 individuals: 1. Zak Meeker, Man, 17;07.8; 2. Bryce Love, Man, 17:46.2; 3. Louis Ingalls, Broad, 17:48.8; 4. Zane Newman, Broad, 18:10.1; 5. Wyatt Barney, Man, 18:11.4; 6. Ty Henry-Steele, Broad, 18:27.5; 7. Bryce Olson, TF, 18:30.5; 8. Kade Edgerton, Broad, 18:34.4; 9. Zach Wickens, Broad, 18:34.8; 10. Nick Bruins, Broad, 18:57.6; 11. Luke Meeker, Man, 19:09.0; 12. Isaac Boyd, Man, 19:09.3; 13. Will Lane, Broad, 19:18.7; 14. Dawson Powers, White, 19:20.7; 15. Morgan Hendrickson, TB, 19:25.6; 16. Will Morris, TB, 19:29.9; 17. Quinton Johnson, Man, 19:30.2; 18. William Rolando, Man, 19:32.5; 19. Adam Williams, White, 20:13.5; 20. Rob Dale, TB, 20:20.0.

Girls Results

Team scores: 1. Manhattan 29; 2. Broadwater 47; 3. Three Forks 77. No score: Cascade, Centerville, Ennis, Jefferson, Lima, Twin Bridges, Whitehall.

Top 20 individuals: 1. Kyle Olson, Three Forks, 20:16.5; 2. Emma Stolte, Broad, 20:18.3; 3. Saige Duffin, Man, 20:24.9; 4. Jodi Cameron, Man, 20:57.3; 5. Jessa Steele, Man, 21:08.6; 6. Bailey Taves, Broad, 21:46.0; 7. Sarah Christensen, Broad, 21:46.3; 8. Hallie Hemenway, Man, 21:46.6; 9. Pralie Duffin, Man, 21:51.6; 10. Paige Taylor, Man, 21:52.2; 11. Olivia Lynn, Broad, 21:12.1; 12. Hannah Wilson, TF, 21:18.1; 13. Rylee Cameron, Man, 22:35.6; 14. Madison Loomis, White, 22;52.9; 15. Reata Crafton, Lima, 22:54.0; 16. Lily Jones, TF, 23:03.0; 17. Shaylyn Dilley, Cen, 23:05.4; 18. Maida Knapton, Ennis, 23:12.0; 19. Lindsey Paulson, Cen, 23:17.3; 20. Kate Fisher, TB, 23:21.6.