Cross Country

Conditions weren’t ideal Thursday at Bill Roberts Golf Course. But local harriers overcame rain and a slick course to post good times at the 13th annual Capital City 7 of 7 Cross Country Meet.

Among them was Manhattan Christian’s Shelby Walls, who broke her own school record for a 5K. The senior placed 12th in the No. 3 race with a time 21:20.39, which was three seconds better than the mark she set in 2017.

“She ran well in cold conditions,” Christian coach Nate TeSlaa said.

Bozeman’s cross country teams swept the meet. The boys scored 11 points to easily beat Missoula Hellgate and Missoula Sentinel, which tied for second with 35. The girls edged Hellgate, 11-12.

Manhattan’s boys had another strong performance and finished ahead of Glasgow, which coach John Sillitti noted was one of the favorites in Class B entering this fall.

“Our boys ran quite a bit better than last week,” he said. “Helena is a tougher course but I was pleased with the times. We got to see Glasgow who was the heavy favorite in B boys. Our boys finished ahead of them today in this format, and it looks like it should be interesting at state in two weeks. Our boys know we can compete with them now, so it will be really fun to see how it plays out.”

Zak Meeker placed ninth for the Tigers in the No. 1 race with a time of 16:43.86. Bryce Love was 13th in the No. 2 race in 17:17.2.

Manhattan’s No. 3 and 4 runners, Wyatt Barney and Isaac Boyd, were in the in 18-minute range.

The top harrier for Manhattan Christian was Ben Morrison, who placed 18th in the No. 1 race in 17:12.07. Riley Schott posted a slightly better time in the No. 2 race at 17:09.4.

“We had some good times,” noted TeSlaa. “Sam and Jackson Leep both PRd. The weather was a bit of a factor but I think over all the kids are excited.”

Sam Leep posted a time of 17:25.30 in the No. 3 race, while Jackson Leep finished in 18:48.36 in the No. 7 race.

Caden Chisholm placed 26th in the No. 1 race for Belgrade in 17:40.52, while Jackson Thorn was 21st in the No. 2 race with a time of 17:40.5.

“It was tough. Slippery and wet, and cold,” Belgrade coach Rachel White said of the course. “But they ran awesome. Almost all significantly faster than Mountain West. Caden and Jackson’s times were really close even though in separate races.”

Bryce Olson posted the top time for Three Forks, finishing with a time of 18:34.75 in the No. 4 race.

“Most of our kids had a good season PR,” noted Three Forks coach Tara Forsberg. “A couple even with career PR’s.”

On the girls side, Manhattan’s Saige Duffin was the top local harrier, placing 12th in the No. 1 race with a time of 20:04.98. Teammate Jody Cameron posted a time of 20:25.47 to finish fifth in the No. 3 race.

“Our girls looked really strong again,” said Sillitti. “We finished in sixth, only losing to four (double) AA schools and one out-of-state school. I think there were 54 teams.”

Marissa Giese led Belgrade with a time of 21:05.27 in the No. 1 race, while teammates Kyra Giese and Ashley Morgan posted times of 21:20.1 and 22:29.33, respectively, in the No. 2 and 4 races.

“Ashley Morgan ran a fantastic race. Really smart and focused on passing her targets,” said White. “Marissa and Kyra are doing amazing and are both on track to break 21 minutes.”

Kyle Olson had the best time for Three Forks, finishing in 20:28.82 to place sixth in the No. 4 race.

Capital City 7 of 7

(at Bill Roberts Golf Course, Helena)

Girls Results

Race 1 - Tiahna Vladic, Billings Senior, 17:35; Terra Trom, Bozeman, 18:15; Ember Stratton, Hellgate, 18:26; Kylie Hartnett, Helena, 18:39; Beatrix Fissell, Polson, 19:12.

Race 2 - Alex Moore, Bozeman, 18:31; Ella DeGrandpre, Missoula Hellgate, 18:49; Elena Vandersloot, Billings Senior, 18:50.

Race 3 - Elise Stearns, Missoula Hellgate, 18:31; Natalie McCormick, Bozeman, 18:51; Jaylyn Hallgrimson, Billings Senior, 19:32.

Race 4 - Abby Kendrick, Missoula Hellgate, 19:10; Ellie Hull, Bozeman, 19:11; Jade Hallgrimson, Billings Senior, 19:32.

Race 5 - Riley Moore, Bozeman, 19:21; Katie Munro, Missoula Hellgate, 19:33; Jasmine Wilkerson, Helena, 20:18.

Race 6 - Grace Gilbreth, Bozeman, 19:19; Madeline Swanberg, Missoula Hellgate, 19:37; Lillian Commons, Missoula Sentinel, 21:02.

Race 7 - Wren Cilimburg, Missoula Hellgate, 19:51; Bridget Boyle, Bozeman, 20:06; Kathryn Lindsay, Missoula Sentinel, 21:37.

Boys Results

Race 1 - Ben Perrin, Flathead, 15:43; Levi Taylor, Laurel, 15:51; Gordon Gentry, Great Falls CMR, 16:27; Griffin May, Bozeman, 16:32; Sam Fullbright, Fergus, 16:32.

Race 2 - Aren Alexander-Battee, Glacier, 16:18; Brooks Peters, Bozeman, 16:27; Dax Summers, Missoula Hellgate, 16:48.

Race 3 - Xander Danenauer, Bozeman, 16:36; Jesse Dimich-Louvet, 16:36; Lujas Horejsi, Missoula Hellgate, 16:53.

Race 4 - Renn Meuwissen, Bozeman, 16:50; Tanner Klumph,Missoula Sentinel, 17:06; Trystan Brewer, Helena, 17:06.

Race 5 - Seth Wyatt, Bozeman, 16:56; Henry Gannon, Cut Bank, 17:23; Ben Schwaller, Glacier, 17:27.

Race 6 - Jonathan Wheeler, Bozeman, 16:59; Adam Lingle, Missoula Sentinel, 17:34; Josh Briese, Billings West, 17:48.

Race 7 - Andrew Holleman, Bozeman, 16:59; Andrew Lingle, Missoula Sentinel, 17:40; Miles Miller, Missoula Hellgate, 17:41.

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