Around The Block

Manhattan's Oliviah Westervelt hits around a Butte Central block Saturday morning during the Shake, Rattle and Roll Invitational.

MANHATTAN — Three weeks into the season Manhattan’s volleyball is seeking consistency.

The Tigers have experienced ups and downs, which resulted in both good and bad play this past week when they lost matches to Three Forks and Manhattan Christian, and reached the semifinals of the Gold Bracket at their Shake, Rattle and Roll Invitational.

Manhattan went 3-1 in pool play on Saturday with victories against Butte Central (25-17), Drummond (25-8), and White Sulphur Springs (25-20).

Chapman Passes

Manhattan sophomore Cayli Chapman sets the ball during Saturday's pool play match against Butte Central.

“We did some great things in pool play,” second-year Tigers coach Charli Chapman said. “Played cohesive, clean and in system a lot. Everybody did their job well and the team had an overall positive vibe.”

The lone pool play loss came against Bridger, which went on to win the tournament, and then Manhattan lost to District 5B rival Townsend 13-15, 13-15 in bracket play.

“We lost our spark against Bridger in pool play and dug ourselves a hole that we weren’t able to get out of,” said Chapman. “We headed into bracket play against Townsend. They came into it with high energy, high intensity and we were flat. We got blocked on a few plays and we let that mentally shut us down. Our hitters stopped swinging aggressively and let Townsend control the tempo of the game.”

Prior to the tournament, Manhattan lost its conference opener on the road to Three Forks 20-25, 17-25, 27-25, 21-25. Erika Davis tallied match highs in kills (11) and blocks (8) to lead the attack.

On Tuesday, the Tigers lost in four sets to Manhattan Christian, 20-25, 22-25, 25-22, 17-25. Davis and Amy Grevious combined for 15 kills to lead Manhattan.

“Skill set and abilities,” Chapman said, “I just know we have to find consistent belief in our abilities and strength as a unit. We will keep working on it.”

Shake, Rattle and Roll Invitational

(at Manhattan High School)

Pool A Results

Manhattan def. Butte Central 25-17.

Drummond def. White Sulphur Springs 25-23.

Bridger def. Butte Central 25-9.

Manhattan def. Drummond 25-8.

Bridger def. Drummond 25-13.

Manhattan def. White Sulphur 25-20.

Bridger def. White Sulphur Springs 25-11.

Butte Central def. Drummond 25-8.

Bridger def. Manhattan 25-16.

Butte Central def. White Sulphur Springs 25-13.

Pool B Results

Ennis def. Townsend 25-23.

Gardiner def. Great Falls Central 25-20.

Ennis def. Phillipsburg 25-12.

Townsend def. Great Falls Central 25-18.

Great Falls Central def. Phillipsburg 25-21.

Townsend def. Gardiner 25-20.

Gardiner def. Phillipsburg 25-12.

Great Falls Central def. Ennis 25-23.

Gardiner def. Ennis 25-20.

Townsend def. Phillipsburg 25-5.

Silver Bracket Results

Phillipsburg def. White Sulphur Springs, n/a.

Butte Central def. Drummond, 15-9, 15-7.

Ennis def. Phillipsburg, n/a.

Butte Central def. Ennis, 15-10, 15-7.

Gold Bracket Results

Gardiner def. Great Falls Central, n/a.Townsend def. Manhattan 15-13, 15-13.

Bridger def. Gardiner, n/a.

Bridger def. Townsend, n/a.

Three Forks def. Manhattan 25-20, 17-25, 27-25, 25-21.

MANHATTAN (0-1) - Kills: 36 (Erika Davis 11). Digs: 46 (Abby Kabalin 21). Blocks: 14 (Davis 8, Ella Halverson 4). Aces: 16 Kabalin 7, Cayli Chapman 4). Assists: 36 (Chapman 22).

THREE FORKS (1-0) - Kills: 28 (Erin Welter 10). Digs: 55 (Macey Combs 22). Aces: 15 (Kirstin Klompien 5, Macie Jensen 4). Blocks: 6 (Breanna Bloch 2). Assists: 23 (Peyton Page 16).

Manhattan Christian def. Manhattan 25-20, 25-22, 22-25, 25-17.

MANHATTAN CHRISTIAN (3-0) - Kills:  35 (Eliana Kuperus 12, Hailey VanDyken 11). Digs: 46 (Maddie Liudahl 11, Kuperus 10). Blocks: 6 (VanDyken 3). Aces: 11 (Taylor DeVries 3, Faith Shepherd 3). Assists: 31 (DeVries 30).

MANHATTAN (0-2) - Kills: 29 (Erika Davis 8, Amy Grevious 7). Digs: 40 (Casey Elfland 14). Blocks: 2 (Ella Halverson 1, Davis 1). Aces: 13 (Cayli Chapman 5, Grevious 4). Assists: 28 (Chapman 27).