Westervelt Attacks

Manhattan's Olivia Westervelt hits the ball over the block of Jefferson's Mykala Edmisten Thursday.

Survive and exhausted. Those were the two words Charli Chapman used to described her team’s day Thursday.

Manhattan played a pair of grueling five-set matches on Day 1 of the District 5B Tournament in the Belgrade Special Events Center. While the first contest resulted in a loss to Jefferson, the Tigers rallied to beat Whitehall in a loser-out match to keep their season alive.

“It was our plan was to survive and continue on,” Chapman said. “Tired — very, very tired. I’m exhausted and I didn’t even have to play.”

Passing Game

Manhattan setter Cayli Chapman passes the ball Thursday against Jefferson.

Oliviah Westervelt and Erika Davis combined for 26 kills as Manhattan beat Whitehall 25-17, 20-25, 23-25, 25-18, 15-13. While the Tigers led nearly the entire fifth set, Whitehall did get within 14-13 before Westervelt capped the match with her final kill.

Manhattan began the day with a 25-23, 25-22, 14-25, 21-25, 12-15 loss to the Panthers. The Tigers rallied from a 22-18 deficit to win the first set and then held on to win the second after taking a 16-10 lead. But they couldn’t quite finish things off in close losses in the fourth and fifth sets.

“After we came to the locker room I didn’t even know what to say because we didn’t play bad volleyball. Either we were very, very high and doing really, really great things or we hit some low spots that let them get momentum,” said Chapman. “But the length of the rallies that we had against Jefferson, it was a lot of really good volleyball. I was proud of their effort.”

Davis and Westervelt combined for 30 kills and eight blocks in the loss, while Amy Grevious had 37 digs. Chapman noted the senior libero played one of her best matches of the season.

Manhattan (9-8) advanced to the fourth place match against Three Forks at 12:30 p.m. Friday. With a victory, the Tigers will clinch a berth to next week’s Southern B Divisional.

“Moving forward we need to make sure we serve consistently in key moments,” said Chapman. “But overall, we gritted it out, we gutted it out. We just kept at it. But man it doesn’t get any closer than that.”

Klompien Digs

Three Forks senior Kirstin Klompien makes a dig Thursday against Whitehall.

Wolves hold off Big Timber to keep season alive

With its season on the line Thursday night in a loser-out match, Three Forks put together a pair of long runs to close out the third and fourth sets en route to beating Big Timber.

The Wolves (8-9) avoided elimination and advanced to Friday’s fourth place match against Manhattan. The winner of that contest will qualify for next week’s Southern B Divisional.

“Into Day 2 and got to get one more win in the morning against Manhattan to qualify,” Three Forks coach Tracy Welter said. “So that’s what we’re going to hope for.”

The third set was knotted at 10-all before Erin Welter stepped to the service line and Three Forks scored the next 15 points. Then, in the fourth set, the Wolves finished on a 13-4 run.

Combs Attacks

Three Forks senior Macey Combs attacks the ball Thursday against Jefferson.

Those big runs capped a 3-1 match victory as Three Forks rallied for 24-26, 25-10, 25-10, 25-11 win.

“They sure dug down,” coach Welter said. “That first set I think we were a little tired. It was our third game of the day, so it took a little bit to get going. I think they thought it was going to be easy and it was not. They had to work.”

Three Forks began the day with a 26-28, 25-14, 25-18, 25-18 victory against Whitehall. Keaton Lynn and Erin Welter each tallied 10 kills in the victory.

Lynn had missed time recently due to an injury, but shined in the middle throughout the day.

“We got Keaton back and changed the rotation a little bit to utilize her a little quicker right off the bat,” said coach Welter. “Setters got changed in the last week, so we had some more accurate setting. The settlers set really well today for the most part.”

The Wolves advanced to the quarterfinals against top-seeded Townsend and played well in the first two sets, but lost the match 20-25, 19-25, 10-25.

“It was back and forth the first. We played really good the first set and probably three quarters,” said coach Welter. “The first set was really close and then the third set was awful. We just laid down.”

Macey Combs led the offense with four kills, while McKenzie Feddes tallied a team-high 11 digs.

Three Forks def. Whitehall 26-28, 25-14, 25-18, 25-19.

THREE FORKS (7-8) - Kills: 47 (Keaton Lynn 10, Erin Welter 10). Digs: 71 (Welter 19, McKenzie Feddes 13). Blocks: 4 (Kirstin Klompien 2). Aces: 10 (Breanna Bloch 3, Feddes 3). Assists: 40 (Savannah Jensen 19, Peyton Page 15).

WHITEHALL - Stats not provided.

Jefferson def. Manhattan 23-25, 22-25, 25-14, 25-21, 15-12.

JEFFERSON - Kills: 36 (Dakota Edmisten 21). Digs: 95 (Grace Alexander 23, Emma Grange 20). Blocks: 17 (Hope Dobyns 7). Aces: 5 (Kylie Marks 2, Edmisten 2). Assists: 31 (Grange 15, Ashton Oxarart 10).

MANHATTAN (8-8) - Kills: 56 (Erika Davis 17, Oliviah Westervelt 13). Digs: 116 (Amy Grevious 37, Kaitlyn Kanuch 21). Blocks: 8 (Westervelt 5, Davis 3). Aces: 7 (Abby Kabalin 3, Grevious 2). Assists: 53 (Cayli Chapman 57).

Townsend def. Three Forks 25-20, 25-19, 25-10.

THREE FORKS (7-9) - Kills: 13 (Macey Combs 4). Digs: 45 (McKenzie Feddes 11). Blocks: 1 (Keaton Lynn). Aces: 1 (Aubree Waldbillig). Assists: 10 (Peyton Page 5).

TOWNSEND - Kills: 28 (Peyton Vogle 10). Digs: 43 (Alleigh Burdick 10). Blocks: 15 (Trinity Wilson 8). Aces: 6 (Taylor Noyes 4). Assists:28 (Noyes 28).

Manhattan def. Whitehall 25-17, 20-25, 23-25, 25-18, 15-13.

WHITEHALL - Kills: 32 (Kendra Klapan 14). Digs: 79 (Meagan Johnson 25). Blocks: 5 (Klapan 2.5). Aces: 10 (Scarari 5). Assists: 31 (Brynna Wolfe 30).

MANHATTAN (9-8) - Kills: 53 (Oliviah Westervelt 14, Erika Davis 12). Digs: 85 (Amy Grevious 26, Westervelt 18). Blocks: 5 (Westervelt 3). Aces: 11 (Casey Elfland 4, Grevious 3). Assists: 49 (Cayli Chapman 49).

Three Forks def. Big Timber 24-26, 25-10, 25-10, 25-11.

BIG TIMBER - Stats not provided.

THREE FORKS (8-9) - Kills: 27 (Keaton Lynn 7, Macey Combs 6). Digs: 68 (McKenzie Feddes 24). Blocks: 7 (Lynn 3). Aces: 9 (Combs 3, Lynn 3). Assists: 20 (Savanna Jensen 10, Peyton Page 8).

District 5B Tournament

(at Belgrade Special Events Center)

Thursday’s results

Jefferson def. Big Timber 25-17, 25-17, 25-19.

Three Forks def. Whitehall 26-28, 25-14, 25-18, 25-19.

Jefferson def. Manhattan 23-25, 18-25, 25-14, 25-21, 15-13.

Townsend def. Three Forks 25-20, 25-19, 25-10.

Manhattan def. Whitehall 25-17, 20-25, 23-25, 25-18, 15-13, loser-out.

Three Forks def. Big Timber 24-26, 25-10, 25-10, 25-11, loser-out.