Kyle McLaughlin read the following at his father's retirement luncheon on Monday.

Every little boy dreams of growing up and being just like his dad at some point in their life, for me I just never stopped dreaming about following in his footsteps. As I grew up I watched my dad progress through his career one shift at a time. I can only hope to carry on his legacy as well as he did with being a state trooper. He taught me that my patch, my badge and those shiny little stickers on the side of my patrol car say MONTANA, and that I can make a difference anywhere I go. Throughout his career, he showed me my community doesn't necessarily need to be where I am stationed. I can make a friend or help a stranger out wherever the road may take me. At the end of the day I just want my dad to know he did make a difference over these 22 years, with me, with his family and with his community. Thank you for your service and making the world I grew up in safer.

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