In light of a recent decision by the Gallatin County Commission to shelve efforts to zone the rural portions of the county, the Belgrade City-County Planning Board wanted to announce one thing Monday: "It is our intent to impose zoning regulations on all or part of our jurisdiction," Belgrade Planner Jason Karp said during a meeting Monday.

The decision to pass a resolution of intention to do just that was to let people know the board is still marching ahead with zoning the 4.5-mile "doughnut" that circles the city, he said.

"There’s not a lot of development going on right now and in my 15 years, these meetings have been plugged up with subdivision proposals," he said.

A subcommittee has met a handful of times in the past two years, but the 2008 gravel debates forced planners to change gears, Karp has said.

Board chair Henry Parsons has set a loose September deadline to get the work done. Roughly one-quarter of the doughnut is already under some type of regulation, and Karp said he is hopeful that the remaining areas shouldn’t be too much of a hassle. But some parts will pose a challenge.

"About 90 percent is fairly straightforward," he said. "It’s a diverse jurisdiction with high development around the River Rock area and more rural areas to the north."

Rather than tackle the entire area, the subcommittee will look at specific areas until a comprehensive is complete. The zoning committee will meet the second and fourth Thursday of each month and the board will hear a monthly update.

For more information about the process, call Karp at 388-3760.