Hyalite Canyon Recreation Corridor closes annually for spring break-up between April 1 and May 15, reopening on May 16. Hyalite is one of the most popular recreation destinations in Montana and receives a substantial amount of traffic.

During the spring melt and thaw the subgrade becomes saturated and is unable to support the repeated motorized traffic, which can increase surface cracking and potholes. Log hauling from Bozeman Municipal Watershed Project activities will be suspended until the roadbed is stable – likely June 1. The transition from winter to spring is a great opportunity to enjoy Hyalite in a non-motorized way, including walking, running and biking.

“Hikers, bikers, runners and other recreationists all enjoy and look forward to experiencing Hyalite in a different way during this time,” said Wendi Urie, Bozeman District Recreation Program manager. “The plowing and winter access provides a fantastic winter opportunity. We are thankful to Gallatin County and Friends of Hyalite for their community involvement helping continue to keep Hyalite plowed.”

Over 25,000 visitors a month explore Hyalite during the winter, and more than of 50,000 a month during the summer. That makes Hyalite one of the most sought-after destinations in Montana. With all that love from recreationists, it is also important to take care of our backyard treasure. Friends of Hyalite, a local nonprofit providing support, conservation and year-round recreational opportunities in Hyalite, will host a clean-up day on Saturday, May 14, at noon. Volunteers are needed to help clean up along the road, trailheads, parking lots and other heavily used areas. We need your continued support to help keep Hyalite enjoyable to all.

For additional information please contact the Bozeman Ranger District at (406) 522-2520 or visit us online at www.fs.usda.gov/custergallatin. For information about Friends of Hyalite and the clean-up day on May 14 please visit www.hyalite.org.