Musical chairs:

A Ronan man was stopped Jan. 4 for crashing in and then leaving the Belgrade Town and Country parking lot, but all was not as it seemed.

Theron Bigcrane was actually the passenger during the crash, but he was later arrested while driving at 4:42 p.m. on Amsterdam Road for second-offense DUI. It was ascertained that his passenger at the time he was stopped on Amsterdam Road had actually been the driver during the earlier parking lot crash.

The Belgrade police dealt with the female passenger; the Belgrade News does not yet have that police report. The Montana Highway patrol arrested Bigcrane, who admitted to drinking at least a half pint of vodka. According to the report, he said he had been in the hospital overnight due to his drinking. He had a 2007 DUI conviction, and a third pending DUI from Dec. 28, 2021.

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It was a cold and snowy night:

The driver of the black Cadillac got pulled out of the ditch north of West Yellowstone – and then got nabbed for driving drunk.

Reed Keith Nevins, 56, of Billings was arrested Jan. 4 at 10:45 a.m. for fourth-offense DUI. According to the West Yellowstone police, they got a call from the tow truck driver who reported Nevin as “highly intoxicated and swerving all over the road’ at about mile marker 10 on Gallatin Road. Nevin subsequently failed his field sobriety tests and then blew a .312 BAC.

He was held under a recommended $20,000 bond and had his probation revoked.

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Big Sky resident Ansel Christian Weber, 26, was arrested Dec. 29 at 4:30 p.m. for a domestic assault. A Gallatin County Sheriff’s deputy was called by another relative who had witnessed the assault. Weber admitted he had punched the victim more than once, in her face and her butt. According to the deputy’s report, the victim was distraught and crying and had visible injuries. Though she refused to file a complaint, Weber admitted to the deputy that he did it and his relative stated that she, too, witnessed the assault. Weber was jailed without bond.

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Give me a call:

Brandon N. Prince, 33, a Helena resident who keeps showing up in this column for the same reason, allegedly did it again. He and a girlfriend were earlier arrested on drug charges, and he was jailed in Bozeman.

Last week he was charged with making 150 phone calls to the girlfriend, in violation of his Justice Court bond conditions. In the four days since that incident, he had contacted the victim at least 18 times, including a video call. He racked up an additional charge of criminal contempt. He had been caught earlier on the jail phone trying to talk the victim into pretending the drugs in question were hers to save him the drug charge.

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It was 12:30 a.m. on New Year’s Eve and Thomas Jason Jurgen, 48, of Bozeman, was stopped on Huffine Lane for having no taillights. He ended up with a felony fourth-offense DUI charge.

An open box of White Claw was the first clue, though Jurgen initially denied having anything to drink. Jurgen refused to submit to field sobriety tests and also refused preliminary breath or blood tests. By then, dispatch had notified the deputy that Jurgen already had two outstanding warrants for his arrest. Records showed previous DUI arrests on June 15 and Aug. 11, 2011; July 6, 2016; and March 1, 2017. Bench warrants were served for his third DUI, driving while suspended and contempt of court, and a June 2020 warrant revoking bail conditions on the earlier charges. He was jailed without bond.

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Ronald Lee Glenn II, 46, a Three Forks resident, was arrested Jan. 2 at 9:45 p.m. for a domestic assault for slamming a door on another person’s hand, and possibly breaking her fingers. He was held without bond in the county jail.

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A probation hold was served on Belgrade resident Tonya Mischel, 48, for meth use and criminal possession of dangerous drugs paraphernalia.

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Damon Lee Baker, 35, who lives on Cameron Bridge Road, was stopped in Bozeman for not having his headlights on after he picked up his wife from the Molly Brown. He flunked his field

sobriety tests and was arrested for fourth-offense DUI. He was also served a June 16, 2021, bench warrant for speeding in a restricted zone.

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Belgrade resident Marie Jovonne Justice, 45, was arrested for having meth in someone else’s car in which she admitted to being the passenger. She was jailed without bond on Jan. 2.