Belgrade resident Chris Bryce Vanhouten, 28, was arrested Oct.14 for what authorities allege is a long-standing scheme to steal athletic collectibles from his employer.

Alexandra Scheiner, the owner of High Noon Sports, sells athletic jerseys via eBay and told authorities her business partner discovered that their jerseys were being sold on another site ( by a seller named "sportyspice." He had tried to buy one of the jerseys and had the sale cancelled when the seller apparently recognized him.

Charging documents say Vanhouten was in cahoots with another employee, Goldie Paluck. Via a phone call, Vanhouten admitted he had been taking jerseys for "about six years" and insisted Paluck had nothing to do with his thefts. He eventually returned a Hefty bag full of jerseys and dumped them on Scheiner's mother's porch. He had 80 jerseys listed for sale for $60 each, a total of $4,800.

Scheiner told authorities that dollar figure covered what was currently listed for sale on his website, but not what he had stolen and sold for more than six years.

He was arrested initially for a probation violation. He told deputies he thought it was OK for him to take a jersey once in a while. He kept the jerseys in a Bozeman storage unit on 7th Avenue.


Wade Lance Busby, 42, of Bozeman, turned into oncoming traffic on Jackrabbit Lane and ended up getting arrested for fourth-offense DUI.

This started at 5:15 p.m. Oct 14, when the Montana Highway Patrol responded to a two-car hit-and-run by the Town Pump.

Busby turned into southbound traffic and hit a 2021 Honda Ridgeline, forcing it onto the shoulder and into a light pole, according to court documents. Busby kept going and parked on the north side of the Town Pump, then walked to the Dry Hills Distillery. When the deputy sheriff finally chased him down, he admitted he had been drinking at the Korner Klub. He refused field sobriety tests, a breath test and a blood test. Eventually he consented to a breath test, two and half hours after the accident, and blew a .212 BAC. He also was charged with leaving the scene of an accident, and failure to yield to traffic.


Today's special: Fourth-offense DUIs.

Ronald Scott Ohlin, 49, of Belgrade, allegedly was weaving in his vehicle at 2 a.m. on Oct. 15 when he pulled out of the magic Diamond Casino and started north on Jackrabbit. A Belgrade police officer pulled him over, and Ohlin admitted to having "a beer," though he flunked his field sobriety tests. A breathalyzer test blew at .114. He was arrested for fourth-offense DUI.


A Belgrade man, 37, was arrested for a domestic assault Oct. 15 around 1 a.m. He told the arresting deputy he thought his girlfriend and a female friend were going to have sex with him, which was why he had pounded on the locked door of a room they had retreated to and taken off all his clothes. The girlfriend told a different story – that he had been drinking heavily, had injured her in the course of the evening, and that she and her friend were trying to rescue a family pet and get away from him. He was arrested for first-offense domestic assault.


A Whitehall man was arrested in Belgrade Oct. 16 for beating up his brother.

According to court records, a sheriff's deputy answered a call at 10:30 p.m. with the scenario of a 29-year-old, mad at his girlfriend and punching his brother. The girlfriend got tired of the drama and left, and her boyfriend attempted to hide in the brush by the river behind the property. According to his brother, the 29-year-old had attempted to hang himself earlier in the evening and was mad that his brother stopped him. He was charged with a domestic assault and obstruction of justice.


Cody James Tone, 27, of Belgrade was cited for DUI, child endangerment, speeding and no proof of insurance after he blew past a Montana Highway Patrol car parked by the 19th Street exit Oct. 16.

The trooper's RADAR clocked Tone at 86 mph in a 75 mph zone, according to court records. Tone had his 4-year-old child with him. He flunked his field sobriety tests and refused to give a breath or blood sample. Under warrant at the hospital, a preliminary blood test showed a .186 BAC.


An apparent drunk driver from Texas refused to identify herself and was arrested Oct. 16 as a Jane Doe. This little party started at 10 p.m. at the Town Pump at Valley Center and Jackrabbit, with reports of a drunk driver in a white sports car swerving all over the road and stopping at green lights. A deputy found the car parked behind the Town Pump and noticed that the passenger side was full of empty wine bottles. The driver refused to identify herself, to show her license, registration or proof of insurance. She also refused to perform field sobriety tests.

She also refused to exit the sports car or to get in the back seat of the patrol car, according to court records. She was ultimately restrained and put in the back of the patrol car. The charging documents note that as of a day after the arrest, the woman was still refusing to identify herself.


The local Justice Court just issued a bench warrant for Belgrade resident James White Connor for failure to appear on almost a dozen charges related to a May hit-and-run accident.

He's been charged with obstructing a peace officer; failure to notify owner after an accident; failure to notify after an accident with more than $1,000 in damage; open container; second-offense DUI; leaving the scene of an acccident; driving while revoked; no insurance; reckless driving; and four counts of contempt of court.