Joshua Jordon Plant, 41, of Big Sky, was arrested Nov. 19 for DUI. This scenario unfolded southeast of Four Corners at about 4 a.m. when a deputy sheriff responded to a call of a Chevy Avalanche, engine running, parked in the intersection of Blackwood and Gooch Hill roads. It had reportedly been there for 20 minutes. The driver was in the vehicle's driver's seat, semi-aware and denying having anything to drink. Plant flunked his field sobriety tests and refused to take a breathalyzer test. He was jailed on first-offense DUI.


A transient who had been "camping" for days at the Bozeman Hot Springs wasn't very happy at being eventually kicked off the property. Both the Montana Highway Patrol and a county deputy sheriff were called to the physical altercation. Dustin Lance Jones, 30, was arrested for criminal trespass and assault for repeatedly "chest bumping" the hot springs general manager after he had been asked to vacate the property, where he had been parked for days.

The manager took a picture of Jones leaving; he came back and started in on the manager. He later admitted he was trying to provoke the manger into hitting him.

Dispatch told the officers that Jones already had three active warrants out on him. He also was served with a bench warrant for criminal mischief dating back to Sept. 29., and another for driving while suspended/revoked dating to Oct. 13. At that time he was a resident of Tower Road in Belgrade.

He was jailed on a $2,225 bond.


Belgrade resident Cheyanne Alexis Bliefernicht, 24, was picked up along with her boyfriend for felony possession of dangerous drugs. The boyfriend – Anthony Jonthomas Stickler – was originally picked up for shoplifting at the Sportsman’s Warehouse. That charge segued into a probation violation and eventually into felony possession of dangerous drugs.

Bozeman police went to the motel room where the two staying and found multiple evidence of drugs and who they belonged to. They both were held without bond.


Parischere Elaina Hughes, 34, of Gallatin Gateway, was arrested for second-offense violation of a restraining order, dating back to 2018. According to the deputy's report, she said she had been given permission to attend a birthday party and drop off gifts. No one else at the party collaborated her account. She was jailed.


Someone is not playing nice:

David Lee Cunningham, 40, was arrested for a hit-and-run accident on Jackrabbit Lane Nov. 21 at 8:35 p.m. The accident seemed to be part of a domestic assault complaint at a local mobile home park; Cunningham was already at the Belgrade police station. Cunningham is accused of hitting and shoving one victim and throwing her downstairs, and then deliberately hitting another victim's truck at a traffic light. He then hit a third victim's vehicle as a man was getting out of the passenger side door, pinning that man's ankle in the door and breaking it.

According to the deputy's report, damage to the vehicles exceeded $1,500, the threshold for felony charges. He also was charged with criminal mischief for deliberately driving into victim No. 2's truck, and for criminal endangerment for injuring victim No. 3. He was jailed without bond.


Gregorio Oscar Alquinson, 32, of Belgrade, was arrested Nov. 20 on a bench warrant for failing to appear on a no insurance charge dating back to September 2020 in Park County.

A bench warrant was served on Daniel Lee Whitedirt for felony bail jumping out of Yellowstone County.


An Oct. 14 a bench warrant out of Great Falls was served in the parking lot of the Belgrade Ace Hardware on Nov. 17 on Bozeman resident Madison Brady, 24. Her original charges were third-offense DUI, expired registration, habitual offender, driving while suspended/revoked, open container and for tampering with her SCRAM device, which essentially is a breathalyzer ankle monitor.