A 39-year-old Belgrade man threatened to kill a man in the pharmacy drive-thru lane at the Belgrade Albertson’s, and the night went downhill from there. This started at 8 p.m. on Dec. 10 and ended with the man being arrested for two felonies.

Belgrade police received calls about this incident from both people in the car. The second call said the man “went off the rails” and left with his children in the truck, including an infant. The caller said he was “driving recklessly,” blowing through red lights and stop signs and had turned off his headlights. This all happened during the “Christmas Truck Convoy” downtown, so there was considerable truck and pedestrian traffic.

Dispatch was advised that the man had a baseball bat with him and numerous weapons at his home, where the police found him standing on his front porch with the infant in his arms. He locked the police out of his home, but eventually opened the door and actively resisted arrest. He eventually was tased, handcuffed and arrested.

One of the complaining parties stated that the man had found her at the drive-thru line and blocked her vehicle with his F-350, before threatening to kill her passenger. They witnessed him speeding and saw him turn off his headlights and run both a stop sign and a red light on Jackrabbit Lane, although he had his children with him and traffic was still heavy because of the Christmas Truck Convoy. The police were told that he had earlier bragged that restraining orders wouldn’t stop him, since “A 300 Win(chester) Mag(num) knows no restraining order.” He was jailed without bond.

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A nurse at the Bozeman Health Cottonwood Clinic was arrested Dec. 10 for felony theft, burglary, felony deceptive practices and felony possession of dangerous drugs.

Belgrade resident Kaitlin Rebecca Holmes, 32, was arrested after the Bozeman police were called to the clinic after multiple employees had various ID and banking cards stolen from them. When asked if they had a suspect, both the clinic administrator and head nurse fingered Holmes. Holmes had been at the clinic for six years and was a good employee, they said, until her recent behavioral changes were followed by multiple thefts from other employees.

While the police interviewed her, the clinic’s administrator went through her purse and found multiple items belonging to other employees. When other employees checked their financial records, they discovered that purchases had been made at REI and Bob Ward, and that sacks from both stores were visible in Holmes’ car’s back seat.

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Belgrade resident Nichole J. Ohlhaber, 32, didn’t use her turn signal when she got onto the freeway from the Belgrade interchange. And then all the ID she had to give the Montana Highway patrol officer was expired, including her driver’s license, car registration and proof of insurance.

According to the trooper’s car computer, her driving privileges were revoked because she had failed to appear to pay traffic fines in Texas and Illinois.

Because of that she was required to have an “Interlock” device on her car – but she didn’t. She also was on felony probation in Montana, and her parole office requested a 72-hour hold on her, since “she knows she shouldn’t be driving and she had been caught numerous times doing so.”

She was cited for not wearing a seatbelt, driving while revoked, and not having the Interlock device.

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Manhattan resident Robert William Boothman, 37, was picked on bench warrants out of both Butte and Great Falls justice courts on a handful of driving charges dating to Aug. 13 and Sept. 15, 2021. The charges included fourth-offense operating without insurance, first-offense driving while suspended or revoked, a seatbelt violation, no registration, criminal contempt, and failure to yield to approaching traffic.

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Billings resident Tucker Cates Muckleroy was picked up on a bench warrant out of Billings for failure to appear on the charges of first-offense DUI, driving without a license (and having never possessed one), criminal possession of dangerous drugs, possession of drug paraphernalia, and revocation of a suspended or deferred sentence.