A Belgrade man was charged on Sept. 23 with assault with a weapon following a road rage incident.

According to court records, shortly before 7 p.m., a Gallatin County Sheriff’s deputy responded to a report of a disturbance with a weapon on Oro Lane in Belgrade and interviewed two men at the scene who had been in a car when the incident took place. The driver told the deputy he was driving southbound behind a silver Volkswagen that was traveling slowly and on the far right of the roadway. He said he did not see it signaling and assumed it was pulling over. He said that when he attempted to pass the vehicle, it pulled in front of him, and the male driver opened the door. He stated that the man had a gun in his hand and was pointing it in his direction.

A juvenile passenger in the witness’ car corroborated his account and said the other man had a black gun in his right hand that he was waving around, primarily in the direction of the witness.

The deputy located the silver Volkswagen in question and identified the driver as Jacob Baker. Baker told the officer that the pickup had been tailgating him and tried to pass him as he was getting ready to turn into his driveway. He then pulled in front of the truck, opened his door and yelled at them. He denied having a handgun in the vehicle at the time though, and said he had his cell phone in his hand, which has a blue case.

Baker said he did own a Glock Model 43, however. Upon searching the vehicle, the deputy saw a holster and magazine in the passenger seat, according to the report.

Baker was placed under arrest and taken to the Gallatin County Detention Center, where he was held without bond.

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Last week a Belgrade man was arrested for criminal possession of dangerous drugs at a Bozeman hotel.

On Sept. 23, a Bozeman police officer arrived at the C’Mon Inn after being alerted by staff that a room had been rented with a stolen credit card. According to court records, the officer entered the room where he saw psychedelic mushrooms, methamphetamine, suspected hash oil, suspected heroin, and drug paraphernalia. Three individuals were in the hotel room, including Belgrade resident Jeramiah Gohde.

Gohde was transported to the Gallatin County Detention Center, where he was charged with the felony offense.

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A Belgrade man was arrested on Friday for felony criminal possession of dangerous drugs following a search of his vehicle.

At approximately 7:35 p.m. on Sept. 24, a Gallatin County Sheriff’s deputy responded to a report of a suicide threat at the Cameron Bridge Fishing Access. The caller told police dispatch that her ex-boyfriend had called her more than 100 times and said he was going to kill himself. She said she believed he could be found at the fishing access in a Ford F-250 flatbed.

Deputies were unable to locate the boyfriend or his vehicle at the fishing access and began patrolling the surrounding area for his vehicle. They found the truck and the man at the Belgrade Town Pump.

The 29-year-old man was visibly agitated during their subsequent conversation, according to the report. An evaluation of his mental health was conducted, and the Probation and Parole department also was contacted. Probation requested a breath sample, authorized a search of the man’s vehicle, and asked that deputies arrest him on a probation hold.

Deputies discovered methamphetamine in the passenger compartment of the man’s vehicle.

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On Saturday night, a Belgrade man was arrested for his fourth DUI, a felony.

According to court documents, at approximately 11:40 p.m., a Belgrade police officer was flagged down by a man at Jackrabbit Lane and Madison Avenue by a man who said he wanted to report a drunk driver. He pointed out a Dodge pickup traveling north from the intersection.

Shortly before that, another citizen had called the police to report a Dodge pickup with a matching description driving recklessly on Interstate 90.

The officer followed the pickup and observed it weaving from side to side and drifting across the fog lane. The officer conducted a traffic stop at Frontage Road and Woodbury Avenue.

The policeman noticed that the driver of the vehicle, Stephen Solberg, appeared to be intoxicated. He also noticed several open alcohol containers inside Solberg’s truck.

Solberg admitted to consuming alcohol and was unable to complete all field sobriety tests. He refused to provide a breath sample, so was taken to Bozeman Health for a blood draw before being booked into the Gallatin County Detention Center without bond.